Team Titleist 2023 Pro V1 Launch Event Recap

When we launch a new generation of Pro V1 and Pro V1x, it's a bit of a celebration — a celebration of 2 years of research and development to make the most trusted ball in the history of the game, even better. We hope you have had the chance to experience the greatest combination of speed, spin, and feel ever produced in a golf ball (and if you have, we would love to hear about your experience in the Validate Pro V1 Sweeps).

Team Titleist certainly had the opportunity to put New Pro V1 and Pro V1x to the test in arguably the best possible way imaginable. While New Pro V1 and Pro V1x were being officially introduced to the world in mid-January, Team Titleist set up shop next door to the American Express Golf Tournament in La Quinta, CA. The Palms Golf Club and its members kindly played host to one of the most memorable Team Titleist events of all time stacked with unforgettable experiences. 

(Watch the event recap video here:

Aerodynamics to Outperform With Stewart Cink 

8-time PGA TOUR Winner and 2009 Championship Golfer of the Year, Stewart Cink took some time out of his practice rounds at the American Express to kick off the festivities. He was joined by Titleist golf ball experts on The Palms driving range to display the enhanced aerodynamics of New Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls with the help of Trackman. The team also pulled out some no-dimple golf balls, half-dimple golf balls, and inconsistent dimple golf balls to show the dramatic impact even the slightest imperfection can have on ball flight.

The #1 Ball in Golf Just Got Better With Keith Mitchell and J.T. Poston

While professionals have the luxury of testing premium golf balls on the driving range with Trackman, the real testing happens on the course, just as it does for everyday golfers around the world. That’s why we had Team Titleist follow Keith Mitchell (Pro V1 Loyalist) and J.T. Poston (Pro V1x Loyalist) for 3 holes, so they could see how the best golfers in the world go about their on-course testing with a new golf ball.

Validated By the Best With 12 Titleist Tour Professionals

If there is one thing better than watching a tour professional, it’s playing with a tour professional. As if the first 3 guests weren’t enough, we closed out the day with twelve Titleist staffers joining Team Titleist members for a competitive 9-hole scramble. It was a truly unique experience that allowed Titleist brand fans to strategize shots with the best golfers in the world and directly compete with them for claims to fame like “My drive was used in a scramble with Wydham Clark” or “I hit it closer on a par-3 than Bill Haas.” 

It was a day full of good golf, great experiences, and even better company. We would have loved for all of Team Titleist to enjoy the experience, but we promise to continue stacking the Team Titleist Events calendar with plenty of more fun in 2023.

You might be wondering how these Team Titleist members were selected to join the festivities. As always, keeping an up-to-date Team Titleist profile, and participating in our discussion boards, fittings, and events, are great ways to increase your chances to participate in exclusive opportunities.

We hope you enjoy New Pro V1 and Pro V1x and that it helps you achieve goals and break milestones in your upcoming golf season!