Team Titleist Leap Loop | Event Recap

In 2024, we celebrate a Leap Year by adding an extra day to our calendars, allowing the earth to make its way around the sun. As the earth completed its loop, so did Team Titleist by looping around the golf course, twice. For a community that is dedicated to getting in as many rounds as possible, we knew we had to make the most of this bonus day. Extra day, extra play!

We had the perfect host course for this unique day at Orange Tree Golf Club in Orlando, FL. This track tested our endurance and mental toughness for 36 holes of narrow landing areas and speedy greens, but each Team Titleist Member had the help of their playing partner.

We began the day at check-in, where each attendee was greeted with a tee gift stuffed perfectly for Florida weather, including a one-of-kind Team Titleist Beach Towel, custom play #29 golf balls for Leap Day, and additional exclusive items to commemorate this experience.

At 9:00 a.m., our groups headed out to their designated holes to tee off for the first round of 2-person best ball. Following the conclusion of this round, Team Titleist gathered for lunch and fueled up on southern comfort food before the second round of the day, a 4-person scramble. It speaks volumes that out community readily embraced the opportunity to trust and team up with new partners they've never met before. It's always humbling to see new friendships form and the Team Titleist Community grow.

Before wrapping up the day, we came together one last time to announce our prize winners who would take home some epic product, including a TSR Driver, Vokey Wedges, custom golf balls and Titleist Golf Bags. But we weren’t done just yet. We surprised the group with an unanticipated contest for the lowest team score on the actual Orange Tree “Loop” which encompasses the final three holes on the course. The winners took home a custom Loop putter cover tying together the events of the day.

Check out the experience here:

You might be wondering how these Team Titleist members were selected to join the festivities. As always, keeping an up-to-date Team Titleist profile, and participating in ourdiscussion boards,fittings, and events, are great ways to increase your chances to participate in exclusive opportunities.