Team Titleist Talks New AVX Golf Ball (Live Discussion Recap)

First introduced in 2018, AVX was created to offer golfers an Alternative to V and X that flies lower than Pro V1 and Pro V1x, spins less, and feels softer on all shots. Now in its third generation, AVX continues to provide dedicated golfers with this important performance option, but with some significant improvements in flight, feel, and spin. 

Titleist golf ball experts, Frederick Waddell (Golf Ball Product Director) and Michael Madson (Director, Aerodynamics and Research Engineering) recently joined Team Titleist to share how they have been able to deliver more short game spin and control, increased driver distance, and an even softer feel with the New AVX golf ball. 

While we would have loved for you to join in real-time, we did record the session and curated the best clips into the following Youtube playlist for your enjoyment. Between clubs, gear, and everything else Titleist, we love having these live discussions with Titleist fans around the world. Keep an eye on our discussion boards, social channels, and email newsflash to ensure you don’t miss out on the next one.

Below you will find the top 3 videos from the discussion. Want to see more? View the full series of videos here:

What types of golfers could benefit from playing AVX? 

How did Team Titleist help develop the new AVX?

How good is the greenside spin performance of AVX?