Team Titleist WedgeCraft Short Game Experience: A Wedge Lesson on Shaft Lean

As Dr. Rob Neal explained during the exclusive short game experience that he and fellow WedgeCraft co-founder, Layne Savoie, presented for Team Titleist members, the best wedge players all have forward shaft-lean at impact. That goes for finesse shots as well as distance wedges. Why? Because leaning the shaft forward compresses the ball against the face of the wedge more, creating more friction and imparting more spin on the golf ball. And in the short game, spin is king.

But as Layne demonstrated in his one-on-one session with Team TItleist member Ted L., forward shaft lean can also help golfers to create more consistent contact and more predictable launch conditions. As golfers like Ted get more consistent in how they deliver the wedge to the ball, they can quickly start dialing in their feel for distance and begin to play wedge shots aggressively.

Try Layne’s advice for yourself and see how just a few small changes in set-up, along with a better understanding of shaft lean, can help you to start building some true feel into your short game.

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