The Benefits of a Titleist Golf Ball Fitting

At Titleist, our goal is to help all golfers play better and shoot lower scores. The golf ball, the only piece of equipment you use on every shot, is a critical factor in that equation.

Recently, a group of Team Titleist members joined us to learn more about the Titleist approach to golf ball fitting. From the range to the course and from the green to the tee, these players joined our golf ball fitting experts to find the best golf balls for their games.

As Team Titleist member Tyler V shared:

“No matter where your game is at, if you’re close to a scratch golfer or someone that’s trying to get out and learn the game, I think it’s beneficial to know what type of golf ball suits your game the best. It’s going to deliver more consistent results and you can kind of just continue building off that.”

Check out the scenes from this Titleist golf ball fitting event and hear what golfers like Tyler had to say about the Titleist golf ball fitting experience and the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls.