What's in the Bag: Webb Simpson

Titleist Brand Ambassador Webb Simpson has an interesting collection of clubs — gaming multiple hybrids and metalwoods and only two wedges. We decided to take a closer look at what's in Webb's bag to see how his unique setup has aided his recent success.



Webb Simpson: Pro V1 golf ball, TS3 (10.5°) driver, TS2 (15°) and 913 Fd (18°) fairway metals, 913 Hd (20°) and 915 Hd (23.5°) hybrids, 620 MB (5-PW) irons, Vokey Design SM7 sand (54.14 F Grind) and prototype lob (60.06 K Grind) wedges.


What's the one piece of equipment Webb uses on every shot? His Pro V1 golf ball. In 2017, Webb switched from Pro V1x to the new Pro V1 because it gave him a lower ball flight, less spin and a softer feel.


According to Titleist Tour Rep JJ VanWezenbeeck, Webb typically needs some loft on his driver to help with launch, spin, and swing technique.  "With some of his speed increases this year, we reevaluated his driver at the WGC Memphis and moved him from A1 to D1 because his spin has increased this season," VanWezenbeeck said. "We also moved the CG weight to draw to help with his heel strikes and his current preferred shot shape."


Webb is normally looking for some help with his strong fairway metal, according to VanWezenbeeck. His tendency is to come out a little low and to the right.  "When we launched the TS2 he saw improvement in ball speed, launch, and direction.  He now has a weapon in his bag vs a club he works around," VanWezenbeeck said.

The weak fairway metals and hybrids are scoring clubs for Webb since he's able to take advantage of the added launch angle these clubs give him. For Webb, he likes the flight, feel, and look of the new products, but as we add ball speed, he sees some changes in his gapping — he hits the new hybrids and metalwoods TOO FAR. VanWezenbeeck said that Webb changed the shaft in his 23.5 hybrid a few years ago when he decided to make the club an extension of his iron set. And in Webb's stats, you can see his proximity to the hole vs his peers is very impressive at outside 175.


The profile, sole, and look of the 620 MB's immediately drew Webb to the new irons. "He can really get focused on the look of a head and it being a precision instrument for him.  Looking at the success he has had with these clubs early you can see these are precise for him," VanWezenbeeck said.


Having five headcovers in the bag means Webb only games two wedges. "I have a K-Grind on my 60-degree and a 54-degree SM7 F grind with 14 degrees of bounce for my sand wedge," Webb told Golf Digest. "I’ve been playing the same grind on the sand wedge for a couple of years and I switched to this lob wedge this year. Guys will change wedges at different venues as the conditions change, but I don’t ever change." Webb mainly uses his 60 degree wedge for shots around the green.