Throwing Darts: Jordan Spieth | New Titleist T100 Irons

When the three-time major champion (2015 Masters, 2015 U.S. Open, 2017 Open Championship) Jordan Spieth saw the new Titleist T100 irons for the first time this past June at a Titleist photo shoot during the week of the 2019 Memorial Tournament, it was love at first sight. 

"The way these turned out is amazing," Spieth said. "I remember a couple of years ago when we were talking about my AP2's and the Titleist team asked what I'd like to see improved. I told them I preferred the sole being a little bit different and the least amount of offset and top-line as possible. When I set the new T100's down for the first time I could already tell the difference compared to my gamer AP2 irons. They made the exact improvements I was looking for in an iron. They look really, really good. They slide through the turf nicely, and my mishits are straighter and further than on my AP2 irons." 

Jordan, who is not one to change equipment without a lengthy testing period, asked if he could put the T100s in play that very week. However, the Tour launch for the new irons wasn’t scheduled until the Rocket Mortgage Classic. But due to the player feedback Titleist received at the photo shoot, the launch was accelerated two weeks earlier to the U.S. Open. Spieth decided to take the irons home and familiarize himself with them during an extended time off. 

A Hand in the Development Process

But while Spieth waited to put the T100's in the bag until the season's final major, he’s not unfamiliar with the iron. In fact, according to lead Titleist Tour Rep J.J. VanWezenbeeck, Jordan was clearly the most influential player in the development process.

"It was over two years ago that Jordan and [Titleist Director of Iron Development] Marni Ines had already started discussing what Jordan was looking for in a next generation iron," VanWezenbeeck said. "The keys for Jordan were sole, offset, and overall look. As we created early prototypes and we discussed specifics with Jordan and other players, we found an opportunity to take everything we learned with the AP2 line and build an entirely new iron. This was an obvious challenge to surpass the most played tour iron in the world." 

According VanWeezenbeeck, Jordan immediately commented that the offset and top line was everything he wanted. "As we moved to the tee, Jordan kept commenting to Marni about how the club set up and the look was what he wanted. Knowing we succeeded in those categories, now the question became, 'are you getting the performance of the AP2 line and more despite being in a sleeker chassis?' His performance and responses at the hitting session confirmed we succeeded at what we set out to do."

Spieth immediately saw an increase in ball speed at the top of the bag, which allowed even better distance gapping.

"When I first saw the T100 irons and it didn't say 'AP2' on it, I had to have full trust," Spieth said. "I'm sitting there saying, 'Man, I played the same iron that said the same thing on it since 2010, probably earlier.' But I've been playing Titleist clubs since I was 12 years old, and they've never led me the wrong direction and they've always gotten better. And the idea of a name change — really an entire change across the board with their irons — is big. But there are big changes. These T100s are fantastic."

What’s in Jordan Spieth’s Titleist Bag?

Jordan Spieth: Pro V1x golf ball, TS3 driver (10.5°), TS2 fairway metal (15°), U500 (3) and T100 (4-9) irons, Vokey Design SM8 pitching (46.10 F Grind), gap (52.08 M Grind), sand (56.10 S Grind) and lob (60.04 T Grind) wedges, Scotty Cameron 009 putter.

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