Titleist Brand Ambassador Ben Crane: Your Questions Answered

Team Titleist caught up with Titleist Brand Ambassador Ben Crane Thursday afternoon after the first round of the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines, where he answered questions submitted recently from Team Titleist members on the discussion boards.

Crane covered everything from his new Titleist 910 driver to his popular "snakeshaker" workout, made famous by the YouTube hit "Ben's Workout Routine."

Check out Ben's answers in the videos below.

• • •

Jim T. asks: You are known as a pretty good putter, what putting drills do you work on the most?

2011 Ben Crane QA Farmers 3.flv


Andrew A. asks: What do you actually do to workout/stay in shape? Or do you really use the "snakeshaker" in your workout?

2011 Ben Crane QA Farmers 4.flv


Josh G. asks: How has the new 910 driver changed your game? I just ordered one, and couldn't be more excited. If it can help a Tour Pro, I'm sure it'll help a twilight/weekend warrior like myself.

2011 Ben Crane QA Farmers 2.flv


Travis O. asks: What's your favorite Portland, OR course? Can we play together next time you're in town?

2011 Ben Crane QA Farmers 1.flv


Steve B. asks: I would like to know what is your favorite club in your bag and why?

2011 Ben Crane QA Farmers 5.flv