Titleist Fitting Experiences Booking Now: Test Drive TS Drivers and Fairway Metals!

  A golfer gets custom fit for a TS driver at a Titleist Club Fitting Experience event

The introduction of TS drivers and fairway metals kicked off an exciting time for everyone here at Titleist. The Titleist Speed Project represents an aggressive leap forward in terms of how we approach club design. And the speed and distance gains that golfers are seeing in their long games has been nothing short of phenomenal.

If you haven’t hit new TS metals yet, now is the perfect time because we're ramping up our complimentary fitting events and club trial across the country.

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The Importance of Proper Fitting

For a number of years, Team Titleist members had been telling us that for many golfers, it was difficult to find accessible, quality club fitting. We agreed and in response, we introduced Titleist Club Fitting events as a way to bring expert custom club fitting and club trial to all golfers. At no charge.

Titleist Club Fitting events addressed those needs and started making an immediate impact on the games of many golfers, including Team Titleist Member Chuck Z., who shared his experience on the TT Forums:

"I went on the first Thursday offered when they were in my area. Primarily looking to get fitted for new irons. My fitter spent 45 minutes with me working on right shafts and irons. The new AP1s are an awesome set and I really appreciate the opportunity. Yes, my scores are dropping. Have cut three strokes off my handicap so far and increased my confidence level. Thanks Titleist."

Feedback like Chuck's was music to our ears. Years of research in the laboratory, on the test range and on Tour had shown us how significant an impact properly-fit equipment can have on performance. Through Titleist Club Fitting events, we've now received validation on a large scale from legions of dedicated golfers who were experiencing first-hand how custom fitting could improve their games.

To find out a little more about Titleist Club Fitting events, we sat down with Bobby Flood, Manager of Club Fitting and Trial Events and Mike Rich, Manager of Golf Ball Fitting for a few insights.

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Quote graphic from Bobby Flood, Manager of Club Fitting and Trial Events, on the importance of getting properly fit for golf equipment.Team Titleist (TT): Why is fitting so important to Titleist?

Mike Rich (MR): Ultimately, we put so much emphasis on fitting because we know it helps golfers play better. We know it helps them shoot lower scores. Whether it's club fitting or ball fitting, as a company, as a brand, we care about golfers' games. I think that comes through when we're developing new products when we're making changes to existing products and then through our fitting initiatives. That's what we're all about.

(TT): Bobby, you oversee the Titleist Club Fitting events. Why did the company invest so heavily in free fittings and club trial efforts?

Bobby Flood (BF):  We've always known that equipment is only as good as the degree to which it fits you. The most technologically advanced golf club, with the most expensive, exotic shaft won't do a thing for you if doesn't fit your particular golf swing.

But not too long ago, buying golf clubs off the rack, without hitting them, was the norm. That seems crazy now, but unless you've seen first-hand how dramatically your ball flight and quality of strike improves in a proper fitting, you'd have no idea what you were missing, right? Titleist Club Fitting events are our way of sharing that experience with all golfers. We bring them to public facilities and we offer it at no cost because we've seen that an educated golfer, more times than not is going to choose Titleist. So the effort does make business sense for us, too.

(TT): How well are Titleist Product Experts outfitted for Titleist Club Fitting events?

(BF): Our Product Experts have an extensive array of Titleist products, from the new TS drivers and fairways, to 818 hybrids and 718 irons, to every in-line Vokey SM7 wedge that we make. And from a fitting standpoint, all of our fitting clubs are adjustable, so our Product Experts have all the heads that we offer, and an extensive array of shafts of differing flexes, lengths, materials, and weights, so it's an extensive fitting process. And all of our experts are equipped with a TrackMan launch monitor to capture ball flight data.

TT: Mike, I understand that our Product Experts are also trained in golf ball fitting. At Titleist Fitting events can golfers get help in choosing the right golf ball for their games, too?

(MR): Absolutely. In working with Bobby one of the things we've focused on for Titleist Fitting events is that these events offer golfers a comprehensive experience. When a golfer comes up to one of the Product Experts at a Titleist Fitting event, they don't just see a club fitting expert, they're expecting a Titleist expert. That's why we make it a priority to educate our club fitters on every model in the Titleist golf ball line — so they can provide expert guidance in finding the golf ball that will help golfers shoot their lowest scores.

At Titleist Fitting events, only Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls are used during fittings. This mirrors what our Golf Ball Fitting teams do and it provides a great baseline for looking at golf ball performance. Product Experts can point out the performance benefits associated with the two models, what the differences are between them, and based on what they're seeing through the club fitting and TrackMan, what ultimately would be the best golf ball to match their launch characteristics.

TT: What advice would you give to someone who's never been fit before?

(BF):  One of the things I like best about Titleist Club Fitting events is that they're very low-key and relaxed. It's natural to feel a little anxious when you have to hit shots in front of a fitter, but our experts are trained to put you at ease and make it fun. So just remember to breathe easy and enjoy the experience.

On a more technical note, I'd also advise golfers to keep an open mind when they get fit. We have a mantra at Titleist that every club has a purpose and every club needs to earn its way into your bag. So Titleist fitters fit you for the right clubs. Sometimes, that might be less than you think and sometimes that might be more than you think, but by going through our process you can be sure that you're fit into the clubs that are right for your game.

TT: How easy is it to find a Titleist Fitting event?

(BF): We just filled out the calendar! We now offer Titleist Club Fitting events in over 90 markets across the country, manned by over 150 Product Experts. We've worked hard to make sure that we can reach as many golfers as we possibly can.

You can schedule fitting appointments online at Titleist.com. Walk-ups are welcome but we encourage you to book ahead to reserve your spot. We also welcome golfers who may just have questions about Titleist products or who'd like to just demo a club or two.

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Thanks to Bobby and Mike for sharing their expertise and we look forward to seeing you at Titleist Fitting events throughout the season!

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