Titleist Introduces Major Champion Validated TSR Drivers

The Next Generation of the Titleist Speed Project Offers the Fastest Titleist Drivers Yet

The Open marked the third consecutive major championship in 2022 won by players trusting Titleist drivers for their success – and the first with the new TSR model. The TSR is the next generation of the Titleist Speed Project that began more than six years ago with the TS series and was followed by the popular TSi models.

Available in golf shops worldwide beginning September 23 - with global fittings beginning today - the new TSR drivers are designed to bring more speed and distance to every golfer.

“Titleist TSR represents the deepest, most complete, and most validated understanding of the tee shot ever held within our walls,” said Stephanie Luttrell, Director, Metalwood Development, Titleist. “Every aspect of impact has been considered, constructed and optimized in service of our singular desire to produce more playable distance from every swing. New TSR drivers take everything that made TSi the most played driver on the PGA Tour and pack even more performance into every head. From new face technologies to CG improvements and aerodynamic refinements, TSR helps the golfer unlock more speed.” 

Each of the three models - the TSR2TSR3 and TSR4 - provide distinct performance options for a variety of players. The TSR2 is a “max” performance driver offering the perfect combination of speed and stability, while the TSR3 provides speed and distance through precision tuning technologies such as SureFit Adjustable CG Track weighting. The TSR4’s adjustable weighting system allows for more control than ever over spin conditions.

“With improved aerodynamics and player-preferred shaping, cutting-edge face construction technology, and refined adjustability, each TSR - based on our extensive player and robot testing - is faster in the air, longer off the tee, and straighter down the fairway than our previous generation drivers,” said Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing. “Going from TS to TSi was a major leap in performance. This step from TSi to TSR is even bigger.”

Titleist Speed-inspired drivers have been the choice of more players and more champions on the PGA TOUR for four years running. The new TSR models made their debut at the Travelers Championship in June, where 18 players switched the first week it was available for competition. There were a combined 21 TSR models in play at The Open, where Cameron Smith edged runner-up Cameron Young by one shot, giving the Titleist TSR3 a 1-2 finish at the year’s final major.


Advanced Aerodynamics: Since the inception of the Titleist Speed Project, Titleist engineers have continued to put greater emphasis on aerodynamics being one of the most essential routes to increasing clubhead speed. Among the refinements, TSR models feature a new ‘boat tail’ shape that houses swing weight, moving one more element of drag off the club sole.

Multi-Plateau and Speed Ring Variable Face Thickness (VFT) Technologies: TSR drivers employ two new VFT constructions, each offering specific performance benefits engineered to work for different player profiles. The TSR2 and TSR4 feature a multi-plateau VFT face that is built inward, layer by layer, to create nearly constant CT across the entire hitting surface. This results in a more forgiving clubface for off-center strikes. The VFT construction of the TSR3 is found in its Speed Ring face, where Titleist engineers focused on centering the maximum CT/COR relationship into the sweet spot, helping players who find the middle of the face get even more speed off the tee.

Player-Tuned Designs: The full TSR line reflects a single-minded focus on the golfer, including the look, feel and sound of each, which are a result of direct feedback from tour players and other discerning players.

Aerospace Grade Titanium: Titleist continues to utilize the best-performing materials in the construction of TSR drivers, including premium aerospace grade titanium, which is employed by the likes of NASA and feature unique properties in terms of strength, recoil, and durability.

CT Tested and Maximized: Every TSR driver is precision manufactured to the tightest tolerances and measured multiple times to ensure performance at the maximum allowable limit.

SureFit Hosel Compatible: All TSR drivers feature Titleist’s patented SureFit hosel and are compatible with all Titleist TSi, TS, 917, 915, 913 and 910 models. 


TSR2: For the player that tends to make contact across the entire face, TSR2 is the perfect combination of speed and stability, now in a more refined player-preferred shape.

  • Designed for maximum performance for both on- and off-center contact.
  • Improved aerodynamics make TSR2 faster through the air, and a reimagined look and redesigned toe shape improves face angle at address.
  • A Multi-Plateau VFT face builds the face inward, layer-by-layer, to create consistent CT across the face with forgiveness and speed no matter the impact location.
  • Optimized CG placement - lower and more forward than prior generations - increases ball speed and improves launch and spin conditions.
  • 460cc head with adjustable swingweight and fixed CG location
  • High launch, low spin | Standard Length: 45.5”
  • Available lofts: RH | 8.0° | 9.0° | 10.0° | 11.0° | LH | 9.0° | 10.0° | 11.0°

TSR3: A player’s driver with optimal feel that provides speed, distance, and playability through precision tuning.

  • Engineered for speed, distance, and playability with performance-tuned adjustability.
  • A refined and reimagined SureFit Adjustable CG Track System allows players to position the CG exactly where they need and want it, customizing their ideal and exact setup.
  • An advance in clubface technology, the TSR3’s Speed Ring VFT Face was created using a conical variable face thickness. This feature focuses the maximum CT/COR relationship into one central sweet spot.
  • Continuing upon the success of TSi3’s 460cc shape, TSR3 maintains the tour-preferred shaping while adding subtle refinements to improve aerodynamics.
  • Mid/high launch, low spin | Standard Length: 45.5”
  • Available lofts: RH | 8.0° | 9.0° | 10.0° | 11.0° (custom) | LH | 9.0° | 8.0°, 10.0° (custom) 

TSR4: For players looking to neutralize excess spin, TSR4 is the ultimate low-spin driver, now with added adjustability.

  • The ultimate low-spin driver of which every detail, from sound to feel, is fine-tuned to meet the standards of high spin players.
  • Features a multi-plateau VFT face, like TSR2, so that the entire hitting area is designed to capture consistent speed and distance.
  • Two adjustable weighting options allow players to customize their spin profile: a heavier weight in the forward setting maximizes spin reduction, while moving the weight to the back creates more of a “TSR3.5” performance profile.
  • 430cc with adjustable swingweight and CG location.
  • Mid/low launch, low spin | Standard Length: 45.5”
  • Available lofts: RH | 8.0° | 9.0° | 10.0° | LH | 9.0°


Golf Pride TV 360 No Fill Flat Cap 58R. Additional custom grips available.


With a fit for every type of player, TSR’s featured and premium shaft options represent a wide range of performance and swing profiles. Players can choose from four high performance featured shafts or upgrade to one of three premium Graphite Design shafts. Titleist offers an industry-leading number of custom shaft choices in addition to the lineups below:

Featured Shafts:

HZRDUS RED CB: A mid-to-high launch/mid-spin lightweight shaft with an active tip section featuring counter-balance technology.

TENSEI AV BLUE with Xlink Tech: A mid-launch/mid-spin shaft featuring Straight Flight Weighting and Xlink Resin for increased bond strength, enhanced feel and durability.

HZRDUS BLACK 4G: For players seeking spin reduction, this low/mid launch with low/mid spin shaft features a stiff butt and firm tip section to launch the ball lower.

TENSEI 1K BLACK: A low-launch/low-spin shaft, built with 1K Carbon Fiber Weave technology to enhance feel and stability.

Premium Shafts:

TSR premium offerings include three shafts manufactured by Graphite Design and utilize exclusive TORAYCA carbon fibers to produce elite performance dynamics. All shafts are available in 50, 60, 70 and 80g.

TOUR AD UB: For mid-to-high swing speeds looking for mid-launch with low/mid spin.

TOUR AD DI: For mid-to-high swing speeds seeking mid/high launch with low/mid spin.

TOUR AD IZ: For mid-to-high swing speeds looking to have high launch with low spin.


  • Titleist has been the most played driver brand on the PGA TOUR four seasons running.
  • Open Championship winner Cameron Smith and runner-up Cameron Young, the second-ranked driver on the PGA TOUR (SG: Off the Tee), each played Titleist TSR3 drivers at St. Andrews. Said Smith: “I’ve loved it. It’s faster … and I feel like especially the toe miss for me, I haven’t gotten as much curve out of it, which is obviously a good thing. It seems to be a little bit more consistent on my misses. I’ve put it right in play and it’s been great.”
  • Will Zalatoris earned his first PGA TOUR victory at the FedEx St. Jude Championship with a TSR3 driver in the bag. Said Zalatoris: “The mishits for me were exponentially better. I was seeing mishits go about seven, eight yards farther. I have a lot of distance, but bringing it in left-to-right was something that was huge for me.”
  • Zalatoris’ win in Memphis marked Win No. 4 for the new Titleist TSR driver models in the first eight weeks since making their PGA TOUR debut at the Travelers Championship.
  • Playing a TSR3 9.0° driver, Joohyung "Tom" Kim captured the Wyndham Championship for his first career PGA TOUR title at the final event of the regular season. He earned both his PGA TOUR card and a spot in the FedExCup Playoffs with the victory.
  • Kim made the new TSR3 his gamer following a visit to the Titleist Performance Institute, where he worked with Titleist Tour Rep Dino Antenucci.
  • “I had been playing the TSi3 for the longest time and I thought I wasn’t going to change it, but after trying it at TPI, it was just so good that I had to put it in the bag, and it’s been working out really well. My percentage in the fairway has gone up and, yeah, it’s a keeper. Missed hits, solid hits, it just stays in the wind so well for me, that’s what I’ve had trouble with before and I thought I was going to use the ‘i’ for the rest of the season, but I put it right in the bag because I gained ball speed, gained swing speed, smash factor went up and holds it really well into the wind. So it was great.”
  • J.T. Poston put his new TSR3 (9.0°) driver in play the first week it was available at the Travelers Championship, finishing T2 in Hartford. The following week, he won the John Deere Classic. Said Poston: “Can't say enough about it. It looks, feels, sounds awesome, and I picked up a little ball speed right away … My accuracy has been up. Even the mishits are going straight, which is nice, but they’re also getting out there just about as far as the ones that are hit out of the center.”
  • More than 80 players on the PGA TOUR have already made the switch to TSR drivers – including Justin Thomas, who put a TSR3 driver in play to begin the FedEx Cup Playoffs. “The biggest difference is the spin,” he told PGATOUR.com: “When I heel it, it doesn’t spin crazy high and when I toe it, it’s somehow spinning a little more. It’s unbelievable in terms of misses.”
  • At the first three PGA TOUR events TSR was available, the leader in SG: Off the Tee played a TSR3 (Davis Riley | Travelers Championship; Cameron Davis | John Deere Classic; Max Homa | Scottish Open).
  • Said Riley: “The overall look, the feel is awesome. It’s really good. The mishits are really good. I’m finding really consistent spin across the face no matter where I’m hitting it, so that you’re maxing out your carry numbers every time. It’s what you really want to look for. It’s not how good your good hits are. It’s, ‘How good are your bad hits?’ And just seeing that consistency across the face is really cool.”
  • The No. 1 and No. 4 players in the Women’s Rolex World Rankings (as of 8/15) made the immediate switch to new TSR3 drivers at the Amundi Evian Championship. Said So Yeon Ryu, who also put the new TSR3 in play in her first opportunity at Evian, having gained 2 mph ball speed: “I don’t think you can find this kind of feel with any other brands. I always like the feel of golf balls staying with the club face a little longer, and then jumping. For me, that’s the feel I like, and so this is the perfect driver. I can have that perfect feel.”
  • In the days leading up to the Western Amateur many of the game’s top amateurs had the opportunity to get fit for a TSR driver. A total of 37 players stepped to the first tee with their new TSR drivers in the bag – including the eventual stroke-play medalist – making the immediate switch at what is widely considered to be the toughest test in amateur golf. 


Titleist TSR drivers are available in golf shops worldwide beginning September 23 at $599 — $799 with a premium shaft option.