Titleist Tips: No Range, No Problem - An Alternative Golf Warm-up Routine

 Titleist Staff Instructor Jonathan Yarwood

The first tee is no place to feel unprepared. That opening tee shot can be nerve-wracking enough, even under the best of conditions. As golf courses begin to open their doors again (and not a moment too soon!) you may face a new challenge as you start playing golf in the "new normal" – limited access to practice facilities. If your practice range is temporarily closed or even if you’re just running late for your tee time, it's still important to be warmed-up physically and mentally engaged as you peg that first tee in the ground.

It's not easy to jump straight from your car to the first tee, but fortunately for us, Titleist staff instructor Jonathan Yarwood has offered some great suggestions to hit the ground running under the current conditions, and to avoid injury, to boot.

Give Jonathan's tips a try as you move from "Netflix-mode" to Golf-mode" and let us know if they help you to get back in the swing.

And for more great instruction from Jonathan, visit his page on the Titleist Instructor Center. You can also learn more about Jonathan at JonathanYarwood.com and check out his YouTube and Instagram channels.

Thanks, Jonathan!

• • •

Start Your Golf Warm Up in the Parking Lot

“When you get out of your car, you’ve got to start with some gentle stretches to get your body moving as well as activating and internally warming your body up. You don’t want to go into any heavy stretches cold.” - Jonathan

• • •

Golf Warm-up Routine for the First Tee

“Once you get to the first tee, you want to ramp up the stretches you began in the parking lot. Keep it gentle, but move a little quicker and increase your range of motion. Start with your lower body and progress all the way up to your core, arms and neck, activating all the different muscle groups that you need in the golf swing.” - Jonathan

• • •

Hitting a Successful Tee Shot on the First Hole

“When you hit that first tee shot well, enjoy the moment! Enjoy that feel again. It’s so good to see that ball fly after being locked out for so long. What a great game!” - Jonathan

• • •

Great Drive? Capitalize with your Approach Shot!

“After a long time off, it’s really important to visualize the shot. Picture the flight, picture how far you need the ball to fly. Your brain hasn’t been engaged in this kind of thinking for a while, it’s been stuck in Netflix. So get out of Netflix mode and get into Golf mode and get it on!” - Jonathan