Titleist Tips: An Experiment for Chipping it Close

If you were asked what your favorite chipping club is, you'd probably have a quick response. And if you're like the majority of golfers nowadays, your answer would likey be your trusty lob wedge, maybe your sand wedge. Because every week on Tour we see the best players in the world using high lofted wedges around the greens. And what's good enough for them...

But is that really the best option for your game? Suppose we presented you with a garden variety, 20-yard chip shot. Ten yards to the front edge of the green and ten more yards to the hole. And suppose we then asked you to play the shot, selecting whichever club in your bag you think will help you get up and down with the greatest degree of consistency.

You'd probably reach for your favorite chipping club, right? But how do know that Old Faithful is your best option? Because you're familiar with it? Not the worst rationale, but to know for sure, wouldn't you want to test it?

Well that's exactly what Titleist staff member Mark Crossfield did with his friend Dan Hendriksen. Check out the experiment they conducted in the video above and see how playing with launch and spin on the short shots might reveal a solution that you didn't know was there for your golf game.

It may turn out that your favorite chipping club IS the right choice, but test and compare on your own. It's always better to know than to guess.


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