Titleist Tips: British Open Punch Shot

At the Open Championship, the wind is always a factor. Players will need to flight the ball low to cope with the seaside conditions and as Titleist staff member Jonathan Yarwood explains in this tip, if you can hit a standard pitch shot, you can hit a low punch, a shot you’ll see frequently this week at Royal Portrush.

To hit the low punch, follow Jonathan's prescription:

1. Set up to the ball as you would for a partial shot with a gap or sand wedge. If it helps, use the club you pitch with to get the feel and then select a longer club and address in the same manner.

  • Ball position is slightly back in your stance
  • Stand slightly open to the ball
  • Lean a little left, weight favoring your lead leg (for a right-handed player)
  • Grip down slightly on the club
  • Close the face of the club slightly

2. Swing with your pitch swing pace.

  • Keep your pace slow. Otherwise, the shot will spin too much.

Practice Jonathan's approach and let us know if the low-flying, low-spinning shot it produces helps you when the wind gets tough.

And for more great instruction from Jonathan, visit JonathanYarwood.com, check out his YouTube Channel and follow him on Instagram.