Titleist Tips: Defeat Tension for an Effortless Golf Swing


A hallmark of many great golfers is how easy they make it look. When they take the club back from the ball, they seem unhurried, almost casual. They glide through transition and it appears as if the club is simply responding to gravity as it returns downward. At about hip height, though, the club shaft is suddenly a blur and the ball explodes off the clubface. How do they do it? The power seems so effortless.

For the answer, we reached out to Titleist staff instructor Ben Blalock. In Ben's experience, the secret lies in tension –  or more accurately – a lack of tension, particularly in the arms and hands. And as he shows in the video above, when you learn to swing with relaxed arms, they have a remarkable ability to accelerate the force of your pivot and deliver speed to the clubhead.

Give Ben’s drill a try and let us know if it helps you to swing with more authority – and less effort!

Thanks very much for your help, Ben!

For more great instruction from Ben, check him out on YouTube, as well as his Instagram and Facebook channels.

Team Titleist