Titleist Tips: Drill Your Way to a Better Golf Swing

 Titleist Staff Instructor Jonathan Yarwood

In order to get better at golf, you have to make the most of your practice time. Pounding range balls aimlessly is not going to help you improve. It’s important to practice with a purpose - either developing a new skill, correcting a fault or ingraining a more beneficial movement or habit.

Realistically, though, it’s very hard to make each and every practice rep count. You’d need a full-time coach for that, looking over your shoulder to supervise your training.

So what can you do, on your own, to make your practice more productive? One very effective solution is the use of golf drills. Drills are a great way to make sure that you’re working towards a goal, in a specific area of need.

To help give you a start on the road to smarter practice, we reached out to Titleist staff instructor Jonathan Yarwood, who has provided a few of his favorite drills that will help you to fix common faults and build a powerful, repeatable swing.

Add these drills to your practice routine and let us know if they help you to self-correct and practice more effectively.

And for more great instruction from Jonathan, visit JonathanYarwood.com, check out his YouTube Channel and follow him on Instagram.

• • •

Ball Push Drill for a Better Takeaway

“You can almost always trace any big fault in your swing back to your first move off the ball. Get that right and the rest of your swing usually falls nicely into place.” - Jonathan

• • •

Hip Rotation Drill for More Powerful Shots

“A common denominator for really good ball strikers is that they lead the action with their hips and they get their hips open at impact. This rotation is a key to managing the face of the club, the swing path and the angle of attack into the ball.” - Jonathan

• • •

Width Drill for More Speed in Your Swing

“The wider your swing arc, the more clubhead speed you can generate and the farther you can hit the golf ball. But if you try to get wide from the instant you take the club away, you’ll lose that width where it matters most, at the top of the swing.” - Jonathan

• • •

A Foolproof Anti-Slice Drill

“The dreaded slice is typically caused by an over-the-top move that occurs when the upper body unwinds too early. By setting up some path barriers, you can get rid of your slice once and for all. It just takes some proper work on the range and about two bucks – the price for two 99-cent alignment rods.” - Jonathan