Titleist Tips: How To Flight Your Wedges in Tough Wind Conditions

One of the charms of the Open Championship is that it demands such a different style of play than the other majors. At The Masters, P.G.A. Championship and The U.S. Open, players can typically play their standard, “American” game - aggressive off the tee, high, towering iron shots and lots of spin in the wedge game to attack pins.

But as we’ll see this week at Royal Portrush, links courses on the Open Rota are defended by continual (and irregular) seaside winds that can throw shots off-course to an embarrassing degree if players aren’t able to control the flight of their golf balls.

This is particularly true in the wedge game, where the secret to hitting it close is keeping the golf ball under the wind with shots that fly low and don't spin a great deal.

To learn more about mastering this type of shot, we reached out to Titleist staff member Corey Lundberg. Based at Altus Performance in Dallas, Corey knows a little bit about playing in the wind, and in this tip, he shares some simple adjustments you can make in club selection and technique that will allow you to hit it close in tough wind conditions.

Give Corey's tips a try and let us know if they help you control your distance wedges when the wind picks up.

And to bring your game from good to great, and from great to world-class, be sure to check out the instructional programs Corey and Cameron McCormick have to offer at Altus Performance.

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FAST FACT: Wind speed increases with elevation. So a shot that reaches a peak height of 100 feet has to fight through a much stronger wind force than a shot that only reaches a peak height of 50 feet. This is why the “ground game” is favored in links golf.