Titleist Tips: How to Hit Hybrids and Fairway Metals Off the Turf

If your long game begins and ends with the driver, you're leaving some great opportunities to score on the table. Knowing how to use a few other clubs in your long game toolbox – fairway metals and hybrids – will help you to find more fairways on narrow holes, conquer long par-3's and turn par-5's into birdie holes.

It's easy to be intimidated by fairways and hybrids, especially if the ball isn't sitting on a tee. But as Titleist staff member Justin Parsons shares in this tip, understanding the design differences between fairway metals and hybrids takes some uncertainty out of the equation. Fairway metals are designed to sweep the ball off the turf, while hybrids can be played more like irons, with a steeper angle of attack. Armed with this knowledge, if you make the small setup adjustments that Justin recommends, your fairway metals and hybrids will soon be your favorite clubs in the bag.


How to Hit a Fairway Metal off the Turf

The main difference between hitting a fairway metal and a hybrid is the angle of attack. The longer shaft and broader sole of the fairway metal better suits a shallower angle of attack and more of a sweeping swing shape.

  • Address the ball almost as you would driving the ball of a tee, your feet a few inches wider than shoulder width apart.
  • Position the ball just an inch or two inside the heel of your lead foot.
  • Distribute your weight slightly favoring your trail foot.
  • Your spine angle should be slightly tilted away from the target, with the feeling of being behind the ball.
  • Sweep the club face into the back of the ball, feeling like the sole of the club barely skims the surface of the turf.

How to Hit a Hybrid off the Turf

The shorter shaft, narrower sole and more compact head design of the hybrid makes it easier to strike the ball effectively with a steeper angle of attack - more like your irons.

  • Address the ball as you would with a mid-iron, feet about shoulder width apart.
  • Position the ball an inch or two forward of the center of your stance.
  • Distribute your weight evenly between each foot.
  • Your spine angle should be close to vertical, with the feeling of being on top of the ball.
  • Strike down slightly on the back of the ball and try to take a small divot.


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