Titleist Tips: Non-negotiables for the Driver

To swing the driver with authority, you have to learn to move your body in harmony with the club, and as Titleist staff member Jonathan Yarwood shares in the video above, there are two non-negotiables if you want to get more speed and more accuracy out of your driver.

1. At the top of the swing, you've got to get into a shallow position with the club and your lead arm.

  • To do this, you have to start the downswing with your lower body and keep your upper body back.

2. You have to efficiently transfer all the energy you've stored in the backswing into the ball.

  • To do this, rotate your lower body and use your lead leg to "jump out of the shot", an action that helps manage the club face, the path of the swing and the angle of attack.

Practice these two keys and let us know if they help you to hit your drives farther and straighter.

And for more great instruction from Jonathan, visit JonathanYarwood.com, check out his YouTube Channel and follow him on Instagram.