Titleist Tips: Putting in Open Championship Wind

Playing golf in the wind can present a difficult challenge, however, great putters putt well regardless of the conditions. In the tip above, Titleist staff member Michael Breed shows how great putters cope with wind, one of trickier variables you can face on the putting green. As Michael explains, the secret to performing well in these uncertain circumstances is stability.

The next time you find yourself playing golf in heavy wind, follow Michael's keys to stay stable over your putts, and see if they help you to roll the ball more consistently when it's blowing hard on the golf course.

How to Putt in the Wind: Key Tips

  • Ball position - one putter head length inside your lead foot.
  • Distribute most of your weight (70-80%) in your lead leg. Press your trail leg toward your lead leg to anchor your weight and create a stable base.
  • Get your shirt buttons directly over the ball.
  • Keep your triceps connected against the sides of your ribcage throughout the stroke.
  • Rock your shoulders to move the putter, your hands and your arms as one connected unit.


Regardless of the weather, it’s always important to putt the ball well. Don’t forget to check out more putting tips we have for you.

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