Titleist Tips: Scrambling from the Tree Line with Cameron McCormick

During nearly every round, a player is bound to find trouble and get out out of position. As Titleist Staff Professional Cameron McCormick teaches, getting back into position is a difference making skill that all golfers need to develop. This ability to recover keeps the momentum going on great rounds and makes the most of those rounds where we don’t have our “A” games.

Cameron joined us out on the golf course to show how a little homework before attempting a recovery shot can spell the difference between saving par and posting a big number.

Try Cameron’s suggestions the next time you have to escape from the trees:

  • Evaluate the lie
  • Determine the shot trajectory needed, and then choose a club to match
  • Swing on a steeper angle of attack to keep the ball lower, under the tree limbs
  • Cut across the ball slightly to ensure clean contact, ball first, then turf