Titleist Tips: Uphill Bunker Shot with James Sieckmann

As Titleist Staff Member James Sieckmann told us, it’s easy for players to make the short game too complicated. A great case in point is an uphill lie in a greenside bunker. Players will often contort their bodies in an attempt to accommodate this lie, but more often than not, the result is a muffed or bladed shot that doesn’t escape the sand.

James joined us out on the golf course and walked through a few keys that will help take the stress out of this situation.

Try James’ suggestions the next time you’re faced with an uphill bunker shot:

  • Walk onto the green surface to pick out a landing spot
  • Consider multiple clubs - for an uphill lie, use a lower lofted wedge
  • Stand tall, align your spine 90° to the earth’s center
  • Narrow stance, slightly open
  • Swing the club and hands slightly left through impact to lower the shot trajectory