U.S. Open Tips: Bonus Instruction From Justin Parsons

 Titleist Staff member Justin Parsons sharing golf tips related to the 2019 U.S.Open at Pebble Beach Golf Links

It's U.S. Open week and to help celebrate the 119th edition of our National Championship, we're happy to present some exclusive golf instruction, all related to the unique challenges players will face at Pebble Beach Golf Links, which is hosting the U.S. Open for the sixth time. These U.S. Open tips come to us courtesy of some of the finest teachers in the game – all of whom, we're proud to say, are Titleist staff members.

As we look forward to today's final round action, we hope you enjoy the three bonus videos that follow from Justin Parsons. And for additional tips to help you play your best on demanding tracks like Pebble Beach, check out the following:

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Jonathan Yarwood - Short, Delicate Bunker Shot


Final Round Bonus Tips

Things are tightening up at Pebble Beach as we get ready for a exciting finish to a memorable U.S. Open at Pebble Beach Golf Links. Conditions have been relatively tame through the first three rounds of action, with the lead creeping into double-digits under par. A persistent marine layer over the Monterey Penisula has kept the winds down and the greens soft and receptive, but this could change in the blink of an eye. If the wind picks up at all, players will have a new array of variables to consider on every shot as they enter the stretch run for the U.S Open trophy.

For some insights into a few shots that players will have to master if Pebble Beach shows its teeth today, we consulted Titleist staff member Justin Parsons, who was kind enough to provide three pieces of valuable bonus instruction.

Enjoy Justin's tips and to learn more about Justin and the instructional programs he offers, check out the Performance Center section on the Sea Island Resort website. Check Justin out on Instagram and Twitter, too!


Putting in the Wind


Strong winds, and especially gusty winds, can breed indecision on the putting greens. If the wind picks up at Pebble, players will combat this by creating a strong stable base as they address their putts. Most players will widen their stances, switch on their core muscles and stay as anchored and stable as they can when they make their stroke. Remember, putting in heavy wind it an imprecise art, so just do your best and have fun with it.


Fairway Bunker Shot


Players will make subtle changes to their technique when they find fairway bunkers, but the end goal is always the same - to make strong, committed golf swings. The next time you find a fairway bunker, try the following:

  • Grip down half an inch on the handle of your club
  • Get your feet comfortable, but don’t dig deeply into the sand
  • Move the ball position back a fraction in your stance
  • Most importantly, maintain consistent posture and stay level through the swing


Shaping the Ball off the Tee


To curve the flight of a tee shot, there are two components - where the face of the driver is pointed and the the direction of the swing path. To work the ball, remember my adage: The face sends it, the path bends it!

Use the tee to your advantage, too. Teeing the ball up on the right side of the tee box will allow you to swing your path more to the left. Teeing the ball up on the left side of the tee will allow you to swing your path more to the right.

Good luck!