Video: Improving Your Consistency Through Impact (featuring Mark Blackburn)

One of the keys to playing your best golf is learning to keep your club face stable through the impact zone.

Here today with a drill to help you improve your consistency in that area is PGA Professional Mark Blackburn, Director of Golf for Blackburn Golf and one of Team Titleist's newest contributors. Mark is also a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor as well as the swing coach for several PGA Tour players including Titleist Brand Ambassador Robert Karlsson and Pro V1x loyalist Heath Slocum.

In the above video, Mark explains how placing a putter grip on an iron (aligned so the flat part of the putter grip is parallel to the leading edge of the club) can teach you to rely more on the rotation of your torso to square the club face at impact. (Note: This is for practice use only!)

Stay tuned for more video tips from Mark coming soon right here on Team Titleist.

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