Video: Inside the Titleist Tour Performance Hat

One of the most popular models in the 2017 Titleist Headwear lineup is our new Tour Performance Hat. Our gear team worked closely with Tour players as well as amateurs to re-imagine this model, exploring new materials, construction designs and application techniques to create a more comfortable and stylish headwear product that performs like a Titleist on the golf course.

We wanted to get a closer look at what went into creating the new Tour Performance Hat. So we spent some time with Ian Burgess, Design Director and Jared Dann, Headwear Designer for Titleist to learn more about the "small things, the little details" that makes this signature model stand out - such as embossing the label for comfort, rather than sewing a label into the headband, backing the main embroidery and lining it in the front of the hat and using a bonded Tricot lining that improves the structure of the hat and improves its durability.

As Ian shared with us, having the Titleist Script on our headwear is an immense responsibility. Titleist headwear is 100% inspected, just like Titleist golf balls and clubs to ensure that every article delivers the style, quality and performance worthy of the Titleist name.

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