What's in the Bag: Cameron Smith


What’s the one piece of equipment Cam uses on every shot? His Pro V1x golf ball.

Titleist Brand Ambassador Cameron Smith plays the Pro V1x because it gives him a slightly higher ball flight and more spin as compared to a Pro V1. And when the New 2021 model debuted last October at the PGA TOUR’s Shriners Hospitals for Children Open, it went straight into Cam’s bag.

“I think the biggest thing for me with the new ball is the cover and the stickiness it gives me around the greens. I feel as though I can hit a lot of different scoring shots into and around the green, which I really needed at the Masters,” said Smith, who became the first player in Masters history to shoot four rounds in the 60s. “For me, when I tested it, it was a bit hotter off the driver, which was great. The windows were great. The spin was still the same. The irons were basically the same which I love. But for me, the biggest thing that stuck out was the control coming out of the rough and around the greens. So like inside 40, 50 yards, just the stickiness of it. I feel as though I can control my shots, especially those difficult, soft shots, just so much better with that new cover they got on there. So yeah, I love it. I put it straight in the bag obviously in Vegas and haven’t looked back since.”

“I’ll always put it straight in,” Smith said regarding new generation Titleist golf balls. “I trust what they’re doing with it. After a couple of tournaments I’m always comfortable in knowing what it will do. I’ve been playing the Pro V1x since I was about 15 years old and never changed. I love how it spins around the greens.”


With the launch of the New TSi drivers, Cam switched from his prior generation TS2 model to a TSi3 with 10° of loft (A•1 SureFit setting) and Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60 shaft, gaining ball speed and distance with added workability.

“I’ve actually always preferred the look of the 3. I didn’t play the 3 in the last one because the performance was so much better for me in the TS2. And then when the planets aligned and we got that new shaft in the TSi3, I was immediately in it. I worked with [Director of Player Promotion] J.J. [VanWezenbeeck] from Titleist down here at Sawgrass, and we just felt with this new head and shaft combination, I was able to shape the ball better. It also feels more stable. I mean the new driver obviously matched up perfectly with the new ball as well. I now have the ability to hit a lot of different shots – from the low fade fairway finder or a high draw – with the look and feel I prefer. So, yeah, it’s a good one.  I love it and it fit straight in."


Cam’s TSi2 fairway metal (15.0°, C-4 SureFit setting) is a high-speed fairway finder.

“This thing’s a weapon, I’m able to shape it both ways but I feel like when I tee it up with this one, and get it off the top of the face, it just goes those 10 extra yards which is great when you’re trying to hit a fairway,” Smith said.

According to Titleist Tour Rep JJ VanWezenbeeck, the TSi2 head gives him better launch numbers and more confidence at address.

Cam also travels with a higher-lofted TS2 fairway (21°, D-3 SureFit setting) that he uses in place of his U500 3-iron depending on course conditions.

“I’ll switch [the U500] in and out with the 7-wood if I need something off the tee that just kind of gets going and finds the fairway every time. The 7-wood is more for if there are a few longer par-5s where I’m going to hit the 7-wood into the green a few times,” he said.


Immediately following the TOUR launch of the Titleist U500 and U510 at the 2019 Open Championship, a new 3 iron went straight into Cam’s bag. “I was able to hit those longer irons just a touch higher. I’ve always been kind of on the brink of: ‘do I go to a hybrid?’ or ‘do I stay with this?’ These new irons have sorted that out,” Smith said.

And as courses have gotten firmer on the West Coast swing, “Cam’s T100 4-iron was coming out a little flat and he was having trouble holding greens,” VanWezenbeeck said. “We moved to a U500 4-iron at 1° weak and immediately saw an increase in carry distance and launch.”


The first time Smith tested his Titleist T100 irons (5-9) – which he requested in a limited sleek High Polish Black PVD finish – they went straight in the bag. 

“The black looks a lot tighter, and it keeps a little bit of the shine off,” Smith said.  “How good do they look?!” 

According to VanWezenbeeck, the black look along with the improved offset and top line hit all the boxes for Smith.  “He’s very diligent about hitting numbers, shots, and etc. when testing new products. Cam needs to see the improvement to switch. He works through everything with Trackman, and the T100 hit all the numbers he was looking for,” VanWezenbeeck said. “Better turf interaction and higher launch with the longer irons were at the top of the list.”


Cam games Vokey Design SM8 pitching (46.10F), gap (52.08F), sand (56.08M), and lob (60.10S) wedges, relying on SM8’s progressive CG design to deliver consistent trajectory and distance control.

 “I like to know what my ball is doing from the rough,” Smith said. “I am not a big fan of flyers and the Vokey wedges make sure I don’t have shots jump from the rough.” 

According to Vokey Tour Rep Aaron Dill, he also carries a low bounce 60T and switches it out based on course conditions. 

“This setup is something Cam has used for a while, and it obviously works well for him,” Dill said. “We have made some little changes over the years but Cam is not the type of player to mess around much when he has a set that works well.  The changes we make have been to shafts trying to increase his feel inside 50 yards as well and some sole modifications to make the wedge feel and move faster through the ground. We focus on making sure that his specs are spot on, that fresh grooves are always there when needed and some fun stamping from time to time. Right now so much of his life is around family, more importantly his dog Walter, so we’ve had some fun with other things but he likes to stamp Walter on his wedges. ”


Cam loves a putter head with a black finish like the rest of his clubs. In fact, according to our Tour team, the initial litmus test for Cam when testing any club is that it looks “sick” — one of the reasons he likes the black irons, wedges, and putters.

He tried a number of different models throughout the 2018-19 season in search of the right fit to improve his putting. According to Scotty Cameron Tour Rep Drew Page, “Cam really liked the soft feel of the T22 insert and, although it was a mid-mallet, it had the toe flow he was looking for. He put it in the bag at The Northern Trust to start the Playoffs and has seen an improvement in strokes gained putting ever since.”



NEW Pro V1x golf ball, NEW TSi3 (10°) driver, NEW TSi2 (15.0°) and TS2 (21º) fairway metals, U-500 (3 and 4) utility irons, T100 (5-9) irons, Vokey Design SM8 pitching (46.10F), gap (52.08F), sand (56.08M) and lob (60.10S) wedges, Scotty Cameron TFB 1.5 Teryllium putter.


This post was originally published on August 14, 2020 and has been updated to reflect recent equipment changes.