Team Titleist Panel Recap: Making T-Series Irons #PureTitleist

Building off the positive feedback from our Golf Ball Innovation Panel: From the Tour to Your Game, a few smart minds who help bring Titleist irons to life recently hosted their own interactive panel. Josh Talge (Vice President of Marketing, Titleist Golf Clubs) was joined by Marni Ines (Director, Titleist Iron Development), Jason Brown (Director of Quality, Titleist Golf Clubs) and 65+ passionate Team Titleist members to talk shop. 

Since Q&As with R&D experts are pretty common practice throughout the industry, we thought adding our resident assembly and quality assurance expert would bring a fresh perspective on why we believe we have an edge on the competition. There are multiple facets required to make an iron #PureTitleist, and this group just about covers it all. 

Though we would have loved for you to participate in the discussion, we did record the session and curated the best snippets into the following Youtube playlist for your enjoyment. Between clubs, gear, and everything else Titleist, we love having these chats with Titleist fans around the world. Keep an eye on our discussion boards, social channels, and email newsflash to ensure you don’t miss out on the next one.

Here are the top 4 videos from the discussion below. Want to see more? View the full series of videos here:

Where the Iron Testing Magic Happens: 

Major Focus on Minor Details:

The Chain Reaction of Turf Interaction: 

A Head-weight Above the Rest: