Video: Team Titleist Members Test Prototype Titleist Golf Balls

Last year, we invited Team Titleist members in five cities around the country to come out to the course and test new prototype Titleist golf balls.

At Titleist, the R&D process is constant, with prototype and test golf balls being developed throughout the year. Most never make it past initial stages, others end up at various stages of golfer testing, whether at our testing facilities or on course with PGA Tour players or Team Titleist members.

The feedback the Titleist Golf Ball R&D team receives during these testing sessions is crucial in the design and development of the products that go to market. Once a Titleist golf ball is in the final stages, we then validate it through more golfer testing.

The golf balls tested by Team Titleist members last year were prototypes of the new NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT SoLo golf balls, which first appeared on pro shop shelves early this year.

In the above video, Team Titleist members talk about their overall experience participating in this particular test panel.

To be eligible for future prototype golf ball and golf club testing, please make sure that you have registered for Team Titleist and that you have completed your Team Titleist profile.

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