An Inside Look at Matteo Manassero?s Winning Titleist 913D2 Driver Fitting

Coming into the Barclays Singapore Open, Titleist Brand Ambassador Matteo Manassero was looking to add some distance off the tee to his game. Through a combination of some swing adjustments and a fitting session focused on optimizing his new Titleist 913D2 driver, Matteo certainly found his groove last week.

The results?  More distance, a win at the Barlcays Singapore Open and a new trophy for his collection. We’d say this is definitely a “Win, Win” scenario.

Team Titleist caught up with Titleist European Tour Rep. Phil Dimmock to bring you the exclusive, inside scoop on Matteo’s fitting session and the new set up.

“Matteo came to me on Tuesday morning and was keen to do some driver work. I had already bumped into his caddie, Dave McNeilly, earlier in the day who had told me how Matteo was looking to make some changes,” said Dimmock.

The team went right to work starting with a quick look at Matteo’s original 9.5º gamer and then a brief chat to talk about the flight characteristics that he was looking to achieve.

The initial assessment was that Matteo’s gamer was very accurate and he was hitting a lot of fairways but the spin was a little high. While he was hitting his driver solid and seeing good performance, the team agreed that he wasn’t getting the max out of the current configuration.

From there, it was time to send some Pro V1x golf balls flying on the range.

“Matteo asked me to bring over something I thought would help produce a stronger, lower spinning flight. I went straight in with 913D2 8.5º with a Graphite Design DI6 X with the SureFit Tour hosel setting in B•1,” explained Dimmock.

A few swings later, it was clear that this combination was looking like a winner. Bringing down the loft helped drop the spin off the driver and the shaft change helped to maintain a good strong launch.

“Matteo liked the stable feeling that the shaft gave him but he also said it felt like it had a little more kick in it. It was clear to see it was longer in the air and releasing more on the ground.”

After a practice round on Tuesday afternoon, the new driver quickly found its way into the bag.

“I saw Matteo on Wednesday morning and he told me it was in the bag. He loved it. He said it was a lot longer and he hadn't lost any of his accuracy which has been key to his success on Tour,” added Dimmock.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon and after 75-holes at the Barclays Singapore Open, Matteo’s average driving distance for the tournament was over 300 yards (up from his season average of 273.72) and he was hoisting the winner’s trophy over his head.

"I needed to gain a little bit of yardage there and I changed the club this week and it gave me a little bit less spin. That helped give me a few more yards," Matteo told the European Tour team during the awards ceremony.

Phil caught up with Matteo in Hong Kong at the UBS Hong Kong Open to congratulate him on the win and he was still happy to talk about the added distance.

“Did you see my driving stats last week? Over 300 all week!"

His caddie concurred, “We couldn't have won last week without that driver."

And what did Phil have to say, “Let's just say it was a good week's work.”

We definitely agree.

What’s in Matteo’s Bag?
Ball: Titleist Pro V1x
Driver:  Titleist 913D2 8.5º (Graphite Design Tour AD DI6 X @ 45" tipped 1.5"
with SureFit Tour setting B•1)
Fairway Metal: Titleist 913F.d Low Spin 13.5º (SureFit Tour setting C•1)
Hybrids: Titleist 913H 17.0º
Irons: Titleist AP2 (3-7) and Titleist MB (8-PW)
Wedge: Vokey Design SM4 52º, 58º
Putter: Scotty Cameron Select GoLo

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  1. Olivier C

    Hes playing a new shaft, any ideas? White base with à few navy graphics in the middle