Andalucia Masters

Hola from beautiful Valderrama, site of the 1997 Ryder Cup, which this week plays host to the European Tour's Andalucia Masters. But before going on to talk about this week's activity it's only right that we rewind to this past weekend at the Castello Masters Costa Azahor where Matteo Manassero re-wrote the European Tour history books. At just 17 years and 188 days the Italian Titleist Ambassador not only became the youngest player in history to win on the European Tour but also the youngest to become a full member of the Tour, surpassing the record of his idol Seve Ballesteros in the process. Matteo's performance at the Castello Masters was one of superb consistency as he showed maturity beyond his years to card four consecutive rounds in the sixties. The Titleist Team would like to congratulate Matteo on his maiden victory; success couldn't come to a nicer guy and we're sure this will be the first of many tournament victories in what promises to be a long career. Bravissimo!!!

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This week the Titleist Tour Team, and European Tour as a whole, has the privilege of being at one of Europe's top golf courses; Valderrama in southern Spain. With Halloween nearly upon us Valderrama is a very appropriate venue as the course is the very definition of trick or treat. With the course in truly spectacular condition this week it will undoubtedly be a real treat for the players but, with the narrow fairways winding their way through the cork trees and trouble aplenty, the course will be playing its fair share of tricks. Nowhere is this more evident than at the famous par-5 17th which, whilst beautiful in appearance, is devilish in design and always lurking at the end of the round with the intention of ruining a good score. With this in mind the Titleist Ambassadors in the field may need a magic wand to fight the demons of Valderrama; fortunately we have just the thing in form of the spell-binding 910 metals!!!

The Titleist Team have continued their work with 910 this week in Spain with yet more players working on their 910 set-ups on the range at Valderrama. The first player to check in with the team was Ulsterman Michael Hoey who, up until now, had not had the opportunity to work with 910. Michael had chosen to wait due to some changes he was making with his technique and ball flight, so when he checked in with Titleist Tour Technician Mattias Jelver it was like fitting a new player. Gone is Michael's right-to-left shape in favour of a more neutral, straight flight and it looked great on the range. And when Michael got to work with the 910 metals on the Trackman Launch Monitor the metals certainly delivered the desired results; higher launch, lower spin, higher ball speed and consistently longer than his existing 909 metals. Michael's fitting data is listed below and, as you can imagine, he was very happy with his new 910 product.

Michael Hoey - Driver

Specification: 910D3 RH, 8.5°, Diamana?Kai'Li 70 X-Flex
SFT Hosel Setting: A1

Ballspeed: 166 mph
Launch: 11.3°
Spin: 2582 rpm
Carry: 277 yards
Total: 299 yards

Specification: 909D3 RH, 8.5°, Diamana Kai'Li 70 X-Flex

Ballspeed: 164 mph
Launch: 13.5°
Spin: 2706 rpm
Carry: 273 yards
Total: 295 yards

Michael Hoey - Fairways

Specification: 910F RH, 13.5°, Oban Revenge 7 X-Flex
SFT Hosel Setting: A1

Ballspeed: 159 mph
Launch: 9.2°
Spin: 3506?rpm
Carry: 254 yards
Total: 273 yards

Specification: 909F2 RH, 13.5°, Oban Revenge 7 X-Flex

Ballspeed: 157 mph
Launch: 9.0°
Spin: 4172rpm
Carry: 241 yards
Total: 255 yards

Another man working hard on his 910 set-up this week was Titleist Ambassador Martin Erlandsson. Martin was one of those players to put the 910 straight in play back in July but, as is the case with a lot of guys on Tour, he is always interested to try new options in an effort to make something good even better. As you can see from the information below a change of shaft to the Oban Kiyoshi 65 X-Flex and an adjustment to the C1 position on the SureFit Tour Hosel (SFT) of the 910 driver gave Martin a yardage gain of over 10 yards on average. Martin also had the chance to work with the new 910 fairways and hybrids in Valderrama and now has a whole variety of 910 options at his disposal.

Martin Erlandsson - Driver

Specification: 910D3 RH, 8.5 °, Oban Kiyoshi 65 X-Flex (New specification)
SFT Hosel Setting: C1

Ballspeed: 166.5 mph
Launch: 9.9°
Carry: 269 yards
Total: 289 yards

Specification: 910D3 RH, 8.5 °, Mitsubishi Fubuki 63 X-Flex
SFT Hosel Setting: B2

Ballspeed: 163.3 mph
Launch: 9.9°
Carry: 260 yards
Total: 277 yards

Martin Erlandsson - Fairways & Hybrids

Specification: 910F RH 15°, Grafalloy Prolaunch Red Fairway X-Flex
SFT Hosel Setting: A1

Specification: 910F RH 17°, Grafalloy Prolaunch Red Fairway X-Flex
SFT Hosel Setting: A1

Specification: 910H RH 17°, Fujikura Rombax Prototype X-Flex
SFT Hosel Setting: A1

Specification: 910H RH 19°, Fujikura Rombax Prototype X-Flex
SFT Hosel Setting: A1

Ross Fisher also took some time out at Valderrama for a Trackman session with the 910 driver. Ross gave 910 its first European Tour victory back at the 3 Irish Open but has since chopped and changed between his 910 and previous 909. No matter how good a product is it's not always possible to make an instant change with a player and the team therefore spent some more time with Ross to see if the set-up could be improved. Ross' average Trackman numbers are shown below and show another considerable yardage gain versus his 909. Whilst the numbers given are averages we thought you'd appreciate the numbers generated when Ross unleashed a monster with the 910; just shy of 300 yards through the air is seriously powerful hitting!!!

Ross Fisher - Driver

Specification: 909D3 RH, 8.5°, True Temper Project X 7 X-Flex

Ballspeed: 167 mph
Launch: 12.4°
Spin: 2362 rpm
Carry: 285.2 yards
Total: 308.9 yards

Specification: 910D3 RH 8.5°, True Temper Project X 7 X-Flex
Ballspeed: 169.5 mph (max: 170.7 mph)
Launch: 13.7° (max: 13.7°)
Spin: 2306 rpm (max: 2077 rpm)
Carry: 292 yards (max: 298.1 yards)
Total: 314 yards (max: 321 yards)

The momentum of the 910 metals family really is building each week on the European Tour and, as you will see from the weekly blogs, there isn't a week goes by where a player isn't testing and / or putting one of these exciting new products in play. It's a great product for the Team to work with and even more exciting for the players to see the results of the 910 metals heads and its SFT hosel.

Next week the Tour moves to Shanghai, China for the World Golf Championships, HSBC Champions event. The event assembles an elite field of winners from across the worldwide professional Tours in a shootout for a $7 million purse. Titleist will be well represented by Ambassadors such as Ross Fisher, Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott and, assuming all goes well with obtaining his Visa, Matteo Manassero. We wish our boys well out in China and will bring you all the news from the event next week.

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