It's cold in Bahrain!!! That's Strange!!!

It's almost unbelievable that the Titleist Team can be so far from their home in England and yet find the weather so familiar. When you think of Bahrain you would quite rightly think of scorching Middle Eastern sunshine but the weather in the Kingdom today is more akin to what the Team are used to back home. Not only has today been cold but it has also been wet meaning the Team and the players alike have been breaking out their rainwear.

However, it takes more than a little bit of a chill and some precipitation to stop the players from practicing and there was no shortage of activity. One player to touch base with the Titleist Team for some Trackman work was Titleist Ambassador Scott Strange. Scott has been catching a lot of shots low off the face of his driver in recent weeks which tends to give him a shorter, more spinny flight. The beauty of the 910 product is that we are able to make relatively minor tweaks to the set-up of the club which can then be reversed if necessary. With Scott it was more about finding the set-up which he felt more comfortable with and, as it turned out, the only alteration required to his 910 driver was to flatten the lie a fraction. The end result was a more consistent, central strike, a drop in spin to around 2500rpm and most notably a distance gain of up to 12 yards on his original set-up. This just goes to show that even the smallest adjustment can have a major difference at this level of the game.

Titleist Ambassador Scott Strange preparing to launch one down range in Bahrain

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