Bern-ing it up!!!

As the start of the Trophee Hassan II event draws nearer the players pre-tournament practice regiments are really starting to step-up. Many players are taking advantage of the excellent weather in Agadir and testing out new equipment options. One such player is young Austrian Titleist Ambassador Bernd Wiesberger who hit the range for a Trackman session with his 910 driver.

Bernd has been playing 910 for a little while and whilst loving the overall performance his assessment was that he would prefer a more penetrating flight. This is where the SureFit Tour (SFT) Hosel Technology that exists within every 910 product really comes into its own. Rather than having to assemble a whole new driver for Bernd we were simply able to make a quick adjustment to the SFT setting of the driver from A1 to D1 to gave the desired reduction in both launch and spin. The switch from an A1 SFT setting to the new position of D1 reduces the effective loft of the driver by 0.75° without effecting the lie angle of the product.

With the new SFT setting locked in Wiesberger really was Bern-ing it up on the range and his Trackman numbers illustrated a total distance gain of 8-9 yards. With a ball speed up around 175mph the young Austrian definitely isn't short of power. He's currently ranked 26th in driving distance on the European Tour and with the fine tuning of his 910 driver setup complete we'd expect to see him rise further up the list of the European Tour's power hitters.

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