Titleist Performance Golf Ball Fitting: Play the Same Golf Ball Model


Here's something to think about the next time you dig into your bag for another golf ball: Changing the golf ball changes every shot.

And if you're looking to lower your scores (who isn't, right?), one of the first steps is knowing what to expect out of your golf ball on each and every swing.

This is also a key to developing a more consistent golf game, as it's impossible to gain such feel and understanding while playing different golf ball models from round to round (or even hole to hole).

"We've met a number of golfers who do not buy the same golf ball each time they purchase golf balls, and play whichever ball gets pulled from the bag," Titleist Golf Ball Fitter John Fizer said. "They don't think playing different golf balls has any affect on their game, but that's not the case. They're not giving themselves the best opportunity to shoot lower scores."

Since golf balls have meaningful performance differences, especially on scoring shots into the green, golfers need to know what the golf ball will do when they hit their shot correctly.

During the R&D process we gather feedback from golfers of all levels regarding the performance characteristics they want in their golf balls. Such information is crucial in the creation of the different models of Titleist golf balls.

“Once a golfer has been properly fit into the Titleist golf model that is best for their game, they are one step closer to a more consistent game,” said Mike Gibson, Manager of Titleist Golf Ball Fitting.

“Through our extensive player testing, we’ve seen that eliminating the variable differences in golf ball performance by playing the same golf ball model every round will help improve your chances of hitting more greens in regulation and hitting the ball closer to the pin. Whether you're a professional or amateur, shorter putts go in more often. Every golfer is looking to maximise those opportunities.”

Added Titleist Golf Ball Fitter Michael Collins: "Once you start to learn how your golf ball performs you will see the benefits immediately, especially on the scoring shots to and around the green.”

"For example, when you hit the green with a 7 iron, the ball is going to land on the green and perform in a particular way. Does it hit and stop? Does it bounce a couple times before checking up? That sort of reliance and that confidence in your golf ball can really start to alter the rest of your game."

Titleist's green-to-tee ball fitting methodology is based on the fact that most scoring opportunities are created by shots into the target, and improving your game in those areas will have the most game-changing affects.

There is a reason Titleist golf ball loyalists on the worldwide professional tours go through an extensive fitting process in order to find and trust a single type of Titleist golf ball: When you consistently play with a golf ball that is properly fit for your game, your shot execution will improve and you will give yourself the best chance to lower your score.

You can take full advantage of those benefits by consistently teeing up the best golf ball for your game.

To begin the Titleist Performance Golf Ball Fitting process yourself, click here.

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1 Replies

  1. Tim H

    I agree with using the same ball should help, inconsistancy of shot execution is my big problem particularly when not playing very much as I have a poor technique