Team Titleist Members Get Short Game Into Shape with Mark Roe

The six winners of the Titleist Ultimate Short Game Tune Up competition made their way to Brocket Hall last week for a short game clinic with Titleist ambassador and coach to some of the world's leading pros, Mark Roe.

Arriving at the stately home, which is set in 543 acres of mature Hertfordshire parkland, the six winners enjoyed lunch at the estate's golf clubhouse before venturing out onto the Melbourne course for 18 holes in the afternoon. After a keenly fought match between the two fourballs (made up by two Team Titleist staff), there was time for a quick shower and change before heading to the Michelin Starred Auberge du Lac restaurant for some fine dining and good natured banter about the afternoon's golf.

Mark Roe sets the scene for the Titleist Ultimate Short Game Tune Up

Following breakfast the next morning, Allan, Danny, John, Anthony, Neil and Jamie were introduced to Mark Roe, before making their way down to fantastic range and short game facilities on the Palmerston Academy at Brocket Hall - covered range bays, two separate short game greens, bunkers and a putting green make this an ideal venue for the Ultimate Short Game Tune Up.

Anthony looks to pick up some posture tips from Roey

After an hour and a half's short game tuition, during which Mark Roe put his iPhone on the green and challenged the winners to land a golf ball on it, three winners moved over to the range to be fitted for their Vokey Design SM4 wedges.

Jack (L) works to find the optimum Vokey wedge fit for Team Titleist member Allan (R)

Allan, John and Danny remained with Mark for a further hour of bunker tuition - working on the basic principles of bunker play through to mastering even plugged lies in the sand.

John was delighted to be able to overcome his bunker fears by the end of the morning

After Danny, Jamie and Neil had been fitted for their Vokey wedges by Titleist Fitting Technician Jack Yetton, it was time for the two groups to switch.

Danny gets it in the neck from Roey

"I think some of the guys were surprised by how many options we were able to offer them," explains Jack. "And that by trying some different bounce options and some different loft options we were really able to affect the flight and distance gapping to give much more consistent results!"

Anthony records some numbers during his wedge fitting

And giving credence to this was Anthony, who said, "I have always just carried a pitching wedge and 56 deg sand wedge, but after the bunker class with Mark, he recommended a 60 degree wedge for shots out of sand. The session with Jack was excellent and I could see that the gaps that worked best for me were to have a 52 degree strengthened to 51 degrees. a 56 and 60 all with mid bounce."

Roey's proposing something to Team Titleist member Neil

Also commenting on the two days, Neil stated, "Mark was, as expected, a top bloke with a real natural ability to make it look all too easy. Even with my ham fists, I have a lot to go and work on, which has given me a real fresh spark to go and practice."

Jamie makes the most of the time with Mark Roe and gets in plenty of questions

"Put simply, this has been, by far and away the greatest golfing experience of my life," enthused Jamie.

All in all, a phenomenal first Team Titleist event and rest assured that we are already working on other "money-can't -buy" experiences exclusively for Team Titleist members - keep your eyes peeled!

To view the video highlights of the event, simply click on the image below:

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8 Replies

  1. Jamie W

    Many thanks to Team Titleist and Mark Roe for a fantastic experience. Started to put all the tips into practice and having played with the new wedges I cant wait for the first medal to slash that handicap. Might lose out on a few quid from my playing partners on a Saturday morning though. First go with the 54 degree max bounce Vokey wedge and I stiffed it, "what was that?" were the cries. I love bounce!

    I will never buy another club without a fitting. Come to think about it I might never buy another club that wasn't Titleist. Its was good to meet the all the guys and interrogate Leigh about the clubs in his bag. The fizz of the ball when he hit his irons was impressive but the 3 putt from 4 feet showed how tough the greens were. Sorry Leigh!

    Thanks again.  

  2. Anthony C

    There is little I can add to what the other guys who were lucky enough to win a place at the Short Game Tune Up at Brocket Hall have already said, but I would like to extend my thanks to Team Titleist for a fantastic two days. As already noted, the hospitality was second to none, the enthusiasm and knowledge of Neil, Leigh and Jack about all things Titleist was excellent and you can see the professionalism in everything they did only enhanced the confidence I have in trusting my golf equipment to Titleist - it's not a coincidence that the majority of tour players use their ball and so many Titleist brand ambassadors are near the top of the world rankings. To get to spend time with Mark Roe at the short game tuition lesson has re-enthused me to practise the lessons we have learnt (I have already been on the practise green at my club!) and reduce my handicap around the green. The 2 iron has been jettisoned from my bag and the extra wedges (which arrived very promptly last week) put in its place. Three words I have taken from Mark's tuition - balance, rytham and FOCUS!

    Once again thank you Team Titleist.    

  3. Allan M

    Loving the wedges, more spin than i thought they'd have. Gradually getting the courage up to play full on at the dangerous pins, which is something i been lacking at for years, i'd bump & run it in from 50-60 yrds out. Not now.

  4. John B

    Two days at Brocket Hall, courtesy of Titleist, provided what can only be described as one of the highlights in my golfing career.  Team Titleist, in the form of Neil, Leigh and Jack, provided an extremely friendly atmosphere and Mark Roe even managed to tell me how to get out of bunkers ( a problem which has haunted me for many years) - he must be good!  Accommodation was excellent, food superb and the general friendliness and attentiveness of Team Titleist was the cherry on the cake - not to mention the Vokey wedges, golf balls and other gifts.  I just wish my golf had been up to the standard of the hospitality.  Many thanks to all involved.  Golf can only get better now!

  5. Allan M

    What an fantastic experience this was, Brocket Hall has to be commended for creating such a great venue for an event of this type. The hospitality, practice facilities & golf courses are as good as you'll find anywhere. Neil, Leigh & Jack were great hosts who made everyone feel welcome, no matter how bad our golf was, their knowledge of Titleist & its equipment was very insightful.

    We were lucky enough to be fitted for set of wedges. For any golfer being fitted for your clubs is a real 'eureka' moment when you find the right set up.

    I've been playing golf for years and Mark Roe's coaching brought it home to me with a bang just how sloppy my thinking had become, whether with alignment, stance or what I was trying to achieve. I came away from the whole experience with renewed enthusiasm for the game. I can't wait to attack the pins with those Vokey wedges.  Thanks guys.

  6. Neil A

    Fully echo Danny's sentiments, was a wonderful trip from beginning to end. Brocket Hall was a stunning venue, the hospitality second to none and on the golfing front, learnt a lot from Mark who was easily the best coach I have ever had, in any sport, mixing a great sense of humour with a real natural ability to impart his knowledge on to others. Thanks to everyone at Team Titleist, and in particular to Neil, Leigh and Jack - they were great company and quite rightly very enthusiastic about the equipment they work with and what they are looking to promote with Team Titleist. Was a real insight into the work that goes into making Titleist the quality equipment it is.

  7. Gary Britton

    I am sooo jealous of you guys, it would be good to hear the winners share their experiences of the day.

  8. Danny R

    The trip to brocket hall and the round of golf, all the  freebies that titleist gave us was amazing! But best of all was the short game clinic with the short game master Mr Mark Roe  himself.  We were well looked after from the moment we arrived till the moment we departed!