PGA Pro Tips - Anders Mankert Part 3 "The Swing Path"

Titleist ambassador and PGA Pro Anders Mankert of Cosby Golf Club in Leicestershire continues his series of tips and drills to help you play better golf.

In this latest instalment, Anders suggests a drill that could help you to hone a better swing path and hit your target more often.

To see what Anders has to say, simply click here or the image above.

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4 Replies

  1. harry w

    This is a great video which has really helped me to improve my swing path.Would recommend this to anyone with a slice or fade.

  2. Simon G

    Great drill I will try this out as my bad shot comes from not initiating the downswing with shoulders/arms and resulting in a high right push!

  3. Richard H

    I Like this Drill, must try down the range on my next visit.

  4. tony a

    Like his way of teaching.Makes it easy to understand with no fuss.4 hcp myself but will definetely try this over weekend to help me draw the ball