Feedback on Titleist Prototype Test Golf Balls

A number of Team Titleist members (in the region of 1,600) have recently been randomly selected to receive a sleeve of Titleist prototype test golf balls, in order to assist with our ongoing product development process. And the process of dispatching the golf balls starts today!

One of the most critical elements of bringing new products to market is receiving feedback from golfers of all levels - professionals competing on the world's major tours, to club professionals, elite amateurs and club golfers.

Those that receive the test golf balls have been asked to undertake an on-course evaluation following some outline guidance - you will hopefully be able to read feedback on the process below. 

If you were one of the Team Titleist members asked to evaluate golf balls this time, please could you leave your feedback by posting a comment to this blog post.

If you weren't one of the Team Titleist members selected this time, please stay tuned, as we are likely to be sampling White Box Pro V1 & Pro V1x ahead of launch next March.

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667 Replies

  1. RBaldwin

    I received a sleeve of DT Trusoft balls. Hit straight off the tee, with no slice or draw, which is unusual for me. Seemed a little down on distance off the tee but happy as the shot was straight. Iron play again reasonably straight and wedge shots held the green well. Putting felt like you had to hit the ball slightly harder, but other than that accurate. Played the round with the same ball, so very pleased with the results.

  2. joseph h

    like them a lot,great feel,nice feel while putting.great drives with it

  3. lgess

    Received two sleeves of balls. One had a square and the other sleeve had triangles on them. Triangle balls were harder to hold on greens than the square balls. Also the square balls seemed to be longer than the triangle ball. Both balls putted very well, but leaned towards the square balls for feel on and around the greens

  4. Bill S

    I received two sleeves of test balls .One sleeve of balls had black numbers and the other orange.The orange numbers are a great ball. The right spin,distance and fill.Perfect for my game.I play three times a week and these balls make a big difference in my game.I would appreciate if you wold give the name of this ball or can I buy some of these test balls Thank so much for letting me be part of the test team!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. George W

    My sleeve of test balls performed well. I felt they were not Pro v1 as far as performance, but more like a NXT. They didn't check up like a Pro V1, but distance and feel were there. Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Roger G

    I got the test balls thru the mail.played with them very very excellent ,felt good off the driver ,irons,and really surprise how good it sit down on the green good spin action,also felt good off the putter head when puttin .

  7. Andres M

    Hola! Team Titles'.  Nice surprise to receive balls today. Will play them this weekend and will share thoughts.  Thanks!

  8. Philip B

    21 handicap 80 years old .best ball for me Velocity.

    Keeps me able to keep up with 64 year olds.

  9. ian m

    thanks for the test balls, As always  a good product from titleist but there's not an obvious difference from the current Pro-V range.

    Perhaps winter time is not the best time to release test balls , as conditions make it difficult to judge in season playing performance with winter golf.

  10. Stephen M

    Have now tried all three balls. For me I have to say that my existing PRO V1X (latest model) performed better than the test ball's. I must admit though that I wasn't playing at my best during trial

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