Tips & drills: Jason Floyd Golf Academy - Better ball striking

We recently caught up with Titleist Advisory Staff Instructor Jason Floyd of The Jason Floyd Golf Academy, based at Villa Padierna in Marbella in Spain, to capture more tips, drills and instruction to help Team Titleist members work on their games.

As well as running his academies in Spain (two in Madrid in addition to the base in Marbella), Jason has coached players on all of the world's major professional tours and was this year granted the status of PGA Fellow Professional.

Jason takes an holistic approach to coaching - including the areas of swing efficiency, physical conditioning, custom fitting, short game, mental development, course management and tournament preparation, to name but a few!

We also caught up with Mike Wood, the Fitness & Performance Director at the Jason Floyd Golf Academy, to look at some flexibility and exercise drills that could be considered as part of your supervised fitness plan. Similarly, Mike has worked with golfers at all levels to help them maximise performance through a combination of movement, golf biomechanics, functional training and sport performance.

In this first drill, Jason looks at how to promote better ball striking by reducing over-swinging. To view the video, either click here or on the video above.

Over the next few weeks, we will bring you a mix of tips and drills from Jason and Mike focusing on shot techniques and on physical preparation. We hope you enjoy!

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