Titleist Tech Reps Are Fit for the Weather

As weather forecasters suggest that the weather could deteriorate even further over the next few weeks in the UK and Ireland, the Titleist Tech Reps showed they're fit for anything when it comes to putting the best clubs in the hands of golfers.

Whether it's wind, rain, hail or snow, the team of Titleist tech reps on the road or at the Titleist National Fitting Centres have seen some extremes this week - here's just a couple of examples!

When he arrived at Edenmore Golf & Country Club, near Belfast in Northern Ireland, earlier this week, Titleist tech rep Pete McClelland was greeted by torrential rain and high winds - hardly weather conducive to standing on the range with a laptop, launch monitor and a vast array of shafts and club heads in his SureFit system.

Not to be deterred, or to disappoint the full schedule of golfers due to be fit, Pete worked with Edenmore owner Kenny Logan and head pro Andrew Manson to clear space in the greenkeeper's shed and rig up an impromptu fitting bay.

The fitting bay was formed by using a tractor with a telescopic arm to hold up the net, with floodlights fixed to the walls and a couple of heaters to stave off hypothermia!!

"The guys also brought out regular supplies of tea and coffee to keep the customers and me warm during the fits," explains Pete. "We were all determined to make sure that the 10 fittings we had booked in went ahead - it really was a case of where there's a will, there's a way!"

And whilst the Heath Robinson approach wasn't needed at the Titleist National Fitting Centre at Kings Acre near Edinburgh earlier in the week, there was a requirement for some thick socks!

Titleist tech rep Graeme Noblett and his customers had to endure freezing temperatures and several inches of snow during fittings.

"Unlike Pete, we did have the benefit of already being undercover, but it was cold," explains Graeme. "And if Titleist loyalists are determined enough to come for their fittings in this weather, we're determined to provide them with a better fit for a better game!"

That really is a commitment to Team Titleist!

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