Equipment Updates from the Titleist Tour Van: Transitions Championship

• Titleist was the overwhelming golf ball of choice at the Transitions Championship with 93 players teeing up Titleist golf balls, more than three times the nearest competitor with 17 and more than all competitors combined. Titleist was also first in Iron Sets (41); Sand, Lob and Approach Wedges (116); and Putters (56).

Titleist Brand Ambassador Scott Stallings swung by the Titleist Tour Van early in the week with his 910F 13.5º fairway metal with 'ahina 80X shaft (tipped 1” at 42.5”) and SFT hosel set at A•1 (standard loft, standard lie), which had been giving him an unfavorable trajectory (low launch, pronounced fade).

Several options were discussed and tested on both the range and course, including changing to a 910F 15º head with a B•2 SFT setting (standard loft, +.75 upright). Still none of them seemed to work for Scott's aggressive swing.

Next up: A 910F 15º head with an 'ahina 80X (tipped 2” at 43”) shaft and A•1 SFT setting. He liked the ball flight and was able to control the ball better, but felt the shaft was too stiff throughout the club and too long at 43''.

So they switched in a White Board 83X shaft (tipped 2” at 42.5”). Scott liked the feel of this setup right away, as it gave him the draw and penetrating ball flight he was looking for. A quick adjustment to the D•1 SFT setting (-.75 less loft, standard lie) also brought him back to a favorable spin rate.

Scott had his winner: 910F 15º with White Board 83X shaft (tipped 2” at 42.5”) and D•1 SFT setting.

Titleist Brand Ambassador Marc Leishman stopped by the TTV with his 910F 13.5º fairway metal, which had been launching lower than he preferred and not coming down soft enough. 

Titleist Tour Rep Dino Antenucci
suggested Marc switch from the B•2 setting (standard loft, +.75º upright) to C•3 (+.75º more loft, +.75º upright), which added .75º more loft. That change gave Marc a slightly higher ball flight and a softer landing, which he also found was  easier to control.

Marc had also noticed that the divots he was taking with his Titleist AP2 irons were too deep. Titleist Tour Technicians bent the irons slightly upright, which resulted in better divots and more control.

Titleist Brand Ambassador Marc Turnesa added a Titleist AP1 3-iron with a Dynamic Gold X100 shaft to his bag  in place of a hybrid.

Marc felt this combination made it easier to hit the ball high without giving up some of the accuracy he was losing with a hybrid.

Titleist Brand Ambassador Kevin Na switched from a 910D3 8.5º driver with a Fubuki 63X shaft to a 910D3 9.5º with a Fubuki 63S shaft. Kevin felt the new combination provided him with a better chance of improving his driving accuracy.

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