Tips from The Tour - Tim Clark Iron Shot Into the Wind

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Playing in the wind can be challenging for any player. So, we arranged a meeting with Titleist Brand Ambassador Tim Clark, who offered to provide some help.

Tim has long been known as one the best ball strikers and most accurate players on Tour and he's made a living charging up leaderboards when the wind starts to howl. As Tim told us, a big key to playing in the wind is keeping the ball flight down.

Wind speed can increase as you climb higher into the atmosphere, so the lower you can keep your golf ball, the less the wind will influence it.

Tim achieves a low, penetrating ball flight by distributing a large percentage of his weight on his left side (closest to the target). As the South African tells us in the following Tip from the Tour, the second key is proper hand action.

"I like to keep my hands very dead. There’s not a lot of hand work in this swing."

The next time is starts to gust, take Tim's advice and see if his fundamentals help you gain better control over your Titleist golf ball. And please share your own keys to getting around the course when the wind is up.

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