Tips from The Tour: Tim Clark on Hitting Your Fairway Metals

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You’ve just bombed your drive on a stout par-5. As you pace off your yardage from the middle of the fairway, you realize that you can reach the green in two.

It’s go time… so we’ve asked  Titleist Brand Ambassador Tim Clark to give us some pointers on how to make that fairway wood work for you as you step up to this shot... that can be a little intimidating at times.

As Tim told us, most miscues that arise when hitting fairway metals off the deck are really the result of a common misconception.

“Once an amateur picks up a fairway wood and, in particular, a 3-wood,“ Tim said, “they believe it’s a driver swing. In actual fact it’s more similar to your iron swing.”

In the video above, Tim provides some great pointers on how adjusting your setup and making a descending blow can help you to make cleaner contact and produce much better results when hitting fairway metal shots off the turf.

Hopefully Tim’s advice helps you out the next time you’re ready to go for it instead of laying up.


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