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High School or tournament play???

Jake L

Hey, Im an outstanding golfer... Tied for first in my county with my friend Ben K for my age. I average Around a 76 to a 80. So do you think i should play in high school next year or totally commit my self to tournaments? The thing is that idk how good the rest of the kids are from different states because i've still yet to compete in a national tourny. But i am going to try and qualifie for the US Junior AM next year........ And where do you think the best place to buy used clubs would be??? 




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  1. Brent W

    You sound like an accomplished player but "outstanding" meh. There is no reason you cant play both, I would say all High school golfers play in tournaments.

    With those kind of scores you should be able to make the team but would need to get those scores down to Par or better if you want to really compete. Of course there is always NET :).

    Check e-bay for clubs but make sure they have very good feedback, or your locale discount golf store they usually have used clubs.

    Good luck

  2. Michael W

    Jake-  Play Both.  Playing Junior Golf in the summer will make you a better High School player...and playing High School golf will make you a better Junior Golf player.  This is a great combination if your goal is to play in college.  High School golf also provides lots of play at a minimal cost.  I'd recommend, however, that you look into outside instruction from a solid teaching pro.  Don't expect a High School coach to improve your game.

    Lastly, don't buy used clubs.  If you're shooting 75-80 as a high school player, you need to visit a professional fitter.  Get a part time job, or ask your friends and family to pitch in for birthday, Christmas, etc.  Find the money to buy the right equipment.


    Good luck and remember the most important thing is to do well in your schoolwork...




  3. Ben M


    I say play high school golf and compete in tournaments.  If you manage everything well enough, you should have time to do both.  High School golf is a great time, but still very competitive.  This is just my opinion though.





  4. Doug G

    Hey Jake, It's a good idea to commit yourself to tournaments, but I think your should still play high school tournaments. Depending how well you do in the summer, will depend on whether you play high school season or not. It's a good idea though to play as many tournaments as you can in the summer and get into the fields at AJGA tournaments. The kids on that tour are amazing, so I think it would be a great learning experience for you to play with those kinds of kids and learn how to play at such a high level. As for their skill set, they shoot in red numbers majority of the time from professional level golf courses at distances of about 6800-7300 yards.
  5. keith d

    Well Jake you couldn't go wrong by competeing in high school. There's some kids in high school that shoots par or better. The competition would do you some good.My son played in hgih school and now he is playing golf in college.Playing during school would get you prepared to play in the US Junior AM. Atleast playing in high school would give you some kind of idea where your golf game is at.
  6. P Ford

    First, I dont consider 76-80 OUTSTANDING. Its good, but if you could shave a few shots then you should be in good shape for playing high school. I play both and neither interferes with the other. My school does not go into the summer so I use that time to pay in solo tournaments and gain experience to become a better high school golfer. Hope this helps.

  7. Joe D

    What state do you live in? I average 70-76 and I am a freshman but I am not even best on my team and not even best I'm my state!
  8. William S

    I am 14 and a freshman and have a 4.5 index, and I didn't even make the varsity team at my High School. My High School season was very fun, did well in conference shooting a 73.  You should play high school unless you are getting recruited by the top colleges in the country and they want to see you post results that really matter. Anyways 76-80 is good but not outstanding, you will need to improve by 6 or more strokes to qualify for the US Junior Am. Just keep doing tournaments in the summer and high school with friends. What stated do you live in?

  9. Darcy B



  10. Lou G

    The benefit of being on the high school golf team? Free golf every day of the week and a locker at the local muni (we had a nice 3000 yard 9 hole course at the local park). Free transportation and greens fees at various golf courses in your county or district. I was on the Soph golf team in HS (1973). The top 5 on the Soph team almost played scratch. We had a few here and there that played bogey golf (self included) but had a fun time doing it. Our star QB on Varsity Football was also a scratch golfer.
  11. David V

    jake i agrre with you i am 14 at the moment and play off a handicap of two it is frustrating school is always in the way depending on your confidence id stick to school
  12. steve m

    this may sou d like a broken record but i did both in high school. there is no reason not to pkay both.....they compliment each other. my question is why give up your high school seasons and all the school spirit with it. i know currently many high school players that compete with me in tournaments during there off season and then in season it is strictly school golf. keep playing and do both. steve

  13. Joe D

    high school golf is a chance to get your name out there. Do both it's not that hard

  14. Olivia S

    Definatly represent your school, too. I am in high school and play school golf in the fall, and in tournaments the rest of the year. A balance of each really has helped my game and i imagine it could help yours too. If you really want to take another step in your game investing in new clubs is a great idea.

  15. Daniel A

    I would recommend doing both I do both down here its really nice like they said highschool golf gives you more tournaments for cheaper and it also helps get your name out there. If your lucky enough to live in a warm climate and you can play golf year round I would definitely do both get the most golf in you can!

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