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Want advise on your golf fitness...let me know.

Dave M

I'm the Fitness Director at the Bay Club of Mattapoisett, Ma and TPI Certified Trainer and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about your body and the golf swing.



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  1. Kris B

    Hi, my name is Kris and I had a question about the golf swing. I noticed that on the PGA tour Gary Woodland creates a tremendous amount of speed, the thing I really like about his swing is the compactness of it, something I am working on. I notice in Garys swing is that when he starts the backswing and gets to the top his body shifts to the left, My question is what is this called? and how does that type of motion increase the angle coming down creating more speed? Also, how do you achieve this to get more distance? I have been trying to work on this but cant get it. Thanks for your help


    My left hip is not as flexible as my right hip internally & externally. Been trying a number of things to help. I am a right handed player and feel that this keeps me from making good swings. Any thing would help. Thanks, Jay

  3. Chris92009

    Dave, Thanks!


    Is there a link to a place on the TPI site where there is a great high level workout for range of motion for competitive golfers in their 40's?  Or do you have a program that you recommend? 


    Thank you!


  4. Dave M

    Hi Kris,

    All of the best swings in the world have this "move" in their golf swing. It's just the proper Kinematic sequence to start your downswing with a body weight shift to the left for right handed golfer and hip turn.

    Two drill you can practice is stop your back swing at the top of your swing and hold that position, then try and shift your weight to the left as your downswing starts. The second drill is get into you golf posture and take your right foot and put it directly behind your left or lead leg, take full swing from this position. Hope this helps...Thanks, Dave

  5. Dave M

    Hi Jay,

    I have a Golf Fitness Channel on you tube that I add things to each month. Check out this short video of exercises to increase hip mobility. 

    Hope this helps,


    Dave Maloney

  6. Dave M

    Hi Chris,

    It's difficult to prescribe a golf fitness program without first going through a TPI assessment. Some joints may have great ROM and others may be limited. I would search for a TPI fitness instructor in your area and get a custom program made for you.



  7. Cam S

    Hi, my name is Cam and I have a pretty basic workout regime that was given to me by a personal trainer. Should I go see a tpi certified trainer to get a golf specific program?

  8. Dave M

    Hi Cam,

    You should go see a TPI golf fitness instructor...they will set you up with such a better golf specific program to improve your golf game.



  9. Skylar T

    Hi Dave,

    I'm 16 and pursuing a college golf career. I'm a 1 handicap right now and trying to take my game to the next level so I have started going to the gym this year. I have already picked up about 10 yards off my driver and am looking to continue to get stronger.  I'm often told to work on my core strength.  Any specific things that I should be working on?

  10. Nate S

    Hi Dave.

    I am 13 and a 7 handicap but I am looking for a lot more distance of the tee. I hit it about 235 right now and even though I can still beat my buddy (Will S), he hits it 260 and is 2 months older than me and 1 inch taller. What are the primary golf muscles I should be working out to gain distance? Also I am relatively skinny for a 13 year old (110 LBS). What's the best way for me to gain weight?



  11. Don O

    Dave -
    I'm 62 and want to increase strength appropriate to golf (along with losing weight which I am doing...). What is a TPI Instructor and how do I find one? You are about 1000 miles from me.

  12. Dave M

    Hi Jay,

    This is a common physical issue with golfers and your right, it does prevent you from  making good swings. One of my favorite exercises for hip mobility is called "Hip Drops" if you go to this is my fitness channel search hip mobility and you'll see a video that addresses tight hips.



  13. Dave M

    Hi Chris,

    I would suggest you get an assessment from a TPI instructor and he/she can make a specific workout just for your needs! I'm working on a self assessment you could do on your own and then I can make a program just for you and access it from anywhere you have internet. I'll let you know when it's finished.



  14. Dave M

    HI Skylar,

    Congrats on getting in golf shape and making that part of your improvement plan. If you visit my youtube channel, this month I have a great upper body/core exercise Push up w/arm extension. go to to find a number of different golf exercises.



  15. Dave M

    Hi Nate,

    I'm a little jealous that you are a 7 handicap..congrats on that. You have plenty of time to gain some weight. I was very thin as I was growing up and now I'm 225 lbs w/ 10% body fat. I used to eat something every 3 hours and I also would use a protein shake to try and get some extra calories.

    The glute (butt) muscles are considered among the most important to get strong. The power from a golf swing starts from the ground up. Squats and lunges are two of the best.



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