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Cold weather ball

Ned W

I use a ProV1 ball. Now that the weather is 50 to 60 I have lost distance. How much does cold weather effect distance? Would a harder ball like NXT tour be better in the colder weather?

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  1. Greg F

    Good question? All balls lose distance in colder weather but not sure if there is a difference

  2. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi guys,

    A while back we dropped in on our Golf Ball R&D team with a bunch of questions from Team Titleist (you can read the full post here: and they helped shed the light on a lot of different topics. Here is what they had to say on the topic of the effect temperature has on golf ball performance:

    “Will temperature effect either of these golf balls in different ways?”

    R&D: If you are playing with cold golf balls you’ll see distance loss. We recommend playing with room temperature golf balls. However, the other factors that typically accompany cold-weather golf (i.e. wearing more layers, frozen ground, wind, etc.) might have a bigger impact on a golfer’s overall performance.

    Hopefully this helps answer your question.


  3. Lou G

    I find I lose about 5-10 yards playing in 40-50 deg weather at 6:30 AM vs playing in the middle of the day 70 deg. I know what the golfers at the country club used to do in fall golf was play a Titleist red ball (80 compression) vs the standard black/red.
  4. Geoffrey B

    I definately agree a harder ball will suffer less distance loss.thanks

  5. Chris92009

    Do you think using a ProV1 vs. a NXT Tour would make a difference in distance loss? (in temperatures around 40-55 degrees?)

  6. Bert B


    Extra clothing  reduces the back swing that reduces distance   more than the type of ball being playing

    It's more difficult to warm up and stay warm in cold weather,  therefore,  your muscles don't flex as much   so  it reduces power and club speed.

  7. Randall W

    What helps in cold weather is keeping you golf ball in your pocket and not clipped on the bag or cart. The warmth of your body will bring the ball temperature up and increase it's performance in cold weather, especially off the tee.

  8. Steve M

    Should you play a harder or softer ball in colder temps?

  9. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Steve,

    I would recommend always playing the same model golf ball. Keep in mind, changing golf balls changes every shot. So the best way to take that element out of the equation is to find the best golf ball for your game and play it consistently. Also as I mentioned in a reply above, the other elements that usually accompany golf in cold weather typically have more of an impact than the effect temperature has on a golf ball's performance. Hope this helps.

    - Mike

  10. Steve M

    Thanks Mike. I play the ProV1 so I'll stick with that.



  11. Don O

    Even if the ground isn't frozen, grasses tend to grow less with shorter days, so the greenskeepers tend to not cut the grass as much or as low.  So fairways and greens will be a lot slower - everything is against us.  I use a softer ball just to cut down on vibration, since I get lots of chances to play between 50 and snow-covered courses.

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