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Coming off IR

Gaetan B

I am hoping that there might be some people out there that can help me with an issue that I am finishing, being unable to play because of injury. This last summer and fall I had two injuries that set me way back in being able to play and the quality of my play. I separated my right shoulder (I am left-handed) in July and only started recovering from that in October. I then broke and took stitches in my pinky finger on my right hand. Besides just going out and playing, anyone have recommendations on drills, stretches, and routines I might be able to go through to get back in shape. Before the injuries I was a +1.1 handicap and driving the ball 310 on average. I want to get well enough to try and play in a few qualifiers at the beginning of the summer but not sure I will be near ready physically and/mentally. Thanks for the help.

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  1. Ken C

    I have become quite a fan of the 4lb medicine ball. 2 sets of 10 standing rotation bounces and 2 sets of kneeling and rotating / throwing the ball against the wall. Treadmill is always good as cardio fitness is never a bad idea. I also use hand grips while walking to build grip strrength and also ne aware of grip pressure.

    Let me know what you think

  2. Cody D

    Where to start....I am also a hockey player who also dealt with some injuries that hampered my swing. My injuries were mainly in my hips. The Titleist Performance institute has helped me with some exercises and stretches that I never had thought of or seen before so that might a good place to start. Not to pump Titleist's tires ut the shows are very informative if hou havent seen the show before.Any exercises that involve medicine balls, weight/resistance bands and even yoga have helped me get back my strength and flexibility. I could go on forever with this thread because there are countless exercises to help out but The TPI should get you started on the right track. Also, if you workout at a gym try and find guys that are in better shape and ask them for an exercise or two.
  3. Ben V

    Definitely check out the tpi website! When I was going into my junior yr of hs I fractured my L4 and L5 vertebrae(1995), fast forward to end of the 2010 golf season I re fractured the L5 and added the S1. After a few months of pt my physical therapist recommended the tpi website for more, as well as, more advanced excersises to do as our session ended and beyond. Two years later and I still use it for everything related to the golf swing and just well being! Especially when it comes to back issues! I'm sure you find what you need there

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