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New shot problem - pulling irons

Don O

I've been working on eliminating a fade/slice.  Now I'm pulling my irons (left handed - ball also draws right as well).  I have new AP1s with the Tour AD 65 A shafts, but it must be in my swing.  Vokey stock steel shafts also go the same way.  I have been working out and lost some weight, so the distance from 48 degree wedge through the 5I are all about one club longer,  So I can sail the right front bunkers with ease.

Also certain it is not alignment - the longer clubs all look straight down the fairway.  Using the same alignment, I can get up to 20 yards right.  Looking for the first 3 swing faults to find which one is me.

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  1. Nate S

    See if you are starting your hands before the rest of your body. This is the number one reason you pull the ball. I had that problem forever and I know that a lot of pros suffer from this as well.

  2. brad t

    Most likely you're swinging or leading with your arms and not your body. Coming "over the top". Also, check that your hips are not open. The first place I would start is to check your alignment. Make sure your entire body is square to the target line. Then focus on starting your downswing from the ground up. Take the tension out and don't let your arms or hands lead or start your downswing.
  3. Nate S

    First of all, coming over the top causes a fade/slice. While this my start the ball left and bring it back to the right, a pull starts left and stays left. it doesn't come back.

  4. gerard p

    I am left handed as well,and struggled all last year with this problem until the club championship.when I got paired with the the best player at our course he was quick to tell me I was leading with my arms and my club face was closed slightly.square your club face and get your chest and belt buckle threw the target.I now am pin seeking. Best of luck..
  5. Quintin H

    Nate, if the clubhead is not traveling in that direction and the clubface is not pointing in that direction, then the ball will not fly straight in that direction.

    If you pull the ball, then your swingpath has to be to the left. OTT is how you get the clubhead moving left.

    Coming over the top has many outcomes, not just one.

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