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Toe shots?

Hunter G

I now have a problem. i hit all iron and wedge shots off the toe of the club. The ball flies straight and is fine but its not a center hit and i lose some distance. I dont think it is my distance from the ball. What could be causing this???

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  1. Nate S

    Absolutely. Your hands should rest comfortably below your shoulders. so get in you posture without a club and let your hands hang. wherever they hang, that's how far they should be from you. You clubs might be a little flat too. go get fitted and they will fix it. (fitted for lie angle not new clubs). 

  2. Hunter G

    Ill try that first part for sure but i got fitted for these irons recently. Everything is just standard. Unless i got into a weird habit in the past week

  3. Eric R

    What you don't think it is (i.e. distance from ball at address) could be the issue.  It's like saying I hit everything fat, but "i don't think" i'm keeping my weight on my back leg at impact.  Why not take the minute or two and just stand a smidge closer to the ball and see what happens.


  4. fred k


    it's quite possible that something has gone awry with your setup.  i have the same problem and my swing coach instantly figured out what was wrong - i was pulling the club way to far inside on my takeaway which was causing me to really flatten my swing plane going back and causing all sorts of problems.  within 15 min on the range, he had me taking the club back more on the target line and bingo...i was flushing it.

    when things go south, go back to the basics - 1) check your grip 2) check your stance 3) check your aim 4) check your ball position 5) check your clubhead path. 

    like my coach says, a bad swing is a result of a bad setup.  good luck!


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