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Any good teachers or swing gurus?


check out my swing, analyze, and tell me what i'm doing wrong or could be doing better... and how to do it better. please! I'd greatly appreciate it!

this was a 3/4 8 iron at the range. my biggest problem tends to be either losing it right, or hitting a pull hook with my driver. and with my irons i'm either hitting a soft fade or a strong draw. my ball flight path is really low. I'm a 4 handicap right now and still looking to go down. thanks! 

ps... I can't hit my hybrid or fairway off the fairways for some reason, always hit a low screamer with them that doesn't go too far.

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  1. Lou G   (Golf Golf) - check out Eddie Kilthau.  Also has a facebook page.

    Check out some of Paul Wilson's videos at

    I have a classmate who is a teaching pro in Batavia, IL!/rich.flores.750   Send him a video.  

    You can also send one to the Golf Fix.

    Looks like you could be coming over the top and also not getting a good weight shift.  Taking too long of a backswing and trying to clobber the golf ball is the root of it, along with your right foot getting stuck on the ground.  This causes all sorts of nasty, ugly swing faults.

    Also have a lie board check done on your irons.  Improper fit causes a lot of inconsistency.

    You may be able to go to Golfsmith and have a free Golftec analysis of your swing.   I had your same exact problem  in 2006-2007.   The video showed my hips were turning almost 60* on the backswing.




  2. Sam

  3. Sam

    202 270546 270762 here's my driver swing instead, because the 8 iron obviously didn't show up ^^^

  4. Lou G

    sam c

    202 270546 270762 here's my driver swing instead, because the 8 iron obviously didn't show up ^^^

    Taking it in slow motion with driver -

    1.  You're standing too close to the ball.  It looks like the ball is closer to the heel - that makes it go right

    2.  Your takeaway appears to be starting to the outside

    3.  Clubface is a little bit open at waist height on the backswing.

    4. The top of your backswing is well beyond parallel.  Overswing.  You appear to be starting the downswing properly with the hips.

    5.  Appears to be square at waist height coming down.

    6.  Appears open at impact

    7.  Club is way left at the follow through position before finishing.

    It looks like you may be swinging outside in on the downswing.

    Looked at the 6 iron - you start outside and come too far inside and overswing.   The club is way open at the the top of your swing.  You're also swinging left.

    Same thing with lob wedge - you're starting outside on the takeaway and coming far inside. 

    The common thing I see in the videos is starting outside and coming far inside on the backswing, overswinging, clubface open at the top and swing path on downswing being outside in with follow through going left. Your start of the downswing appears OK because you start with your hips.  It also looks like your hips are turning too much on the backswing. One good thing I see is the left foot remains planted on the backswing.

    Like I mentioned, study Don Trahan's and Paul Wilson's swing videos.  Also, Jim McClean has a great book called "The Three Scoring Clubs" and it shows his 8 step driver swing.   Most instructional videos tell of the checkpoints. 






  5. Lou G

    Also check out Don Trahan's website -

    My other post is floating right now.  


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