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HEAT on the Course

William F


How do you gear up to play 18 holes in the HEAT ??

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  1. Jeffrey G

    Hydrate...and strip down.  Moisture wicking shirt, shorts, socks.  More water...a good hat...and cool towel.

  2. Cody D

    Drink a lot of water a couple days before hand if you know know you have a tee time planned. For unplanned golf I make sure I drink water or coconut water as much as possible leading up to my tee time. It can only help you. Coconut water is especially good for rehydrating. Bring light foods to snack on during the round. You dont want a Brat at the turn so just be smart about the type of food. Other than that, wear light color clothing and have the mindset that its hot. Its gonna suck but I'm playing golf and it was my choice.  

  3. greg p

    Appropriate subject in Chicago this summer--wow!  The heat doesn't stop me from playing, but I am extra cautious. I drink LOTS of fluids and use iced towels on the back of the neck.  Early tee off also helps. 

    Go Hawks!

  4. Matt T

    I personally dress in light colors and come well hydrated and am sure to drink plenty of fluids while playing. I think hydration is key to playing well in the heat. Dehydration can easily cause one to lose focus and can inhibit proper mechanics of the golf swing. On the opposite end of the spectrum it is easy for some people to over hydrate (just something to remember).

  5. Carl T

    I usually walk even when the heat index gets over 100. Drink water even when you are not thirsty. I also like G2 Gatoraide which helps keep you hydrated. Stay in the shade as much as possible. Wear a hat that shades you as much as possible like a panama/safari style hat. Wear sun screen. Good luck.

  6. Rich K

    I walked 18 yestreday in North Carolina, and I THOUGHT I drank enough. After fixing my ball mark on 17, I was dizzy. After eating lunch and showering, my hands and feet started to cramp. I guess however much water you think you need, that really is not enough,

  7. Tim Tiger

    As stated above always hydrate.  I keep some sort of electrolytes in my bag that do not contain sugar.(NUUN, ZippFizz) And healthy snacks are essential. (almonds are my choice)

    I wear my  Titleist aussie style hat.  It is perfect to block the sun and very lightweight.


  8. Lou G

    greg p

    Appropriate subject in Chicago this summer--wow!  The heat doesn't stop me from playing, but I am extra cautious. I drink LOTS of fluids and use iced towels on the back of the neck.  Early tee off also helps. 

    Go Hawks!

    I know about those Chicago summers.  I generally played at 8AM on Caddie Day at the Country Club.   Played late in the afternoon at Pottawatomie Park (in ST C) or St. Andrews (in WC).    I generally looped in the morning when I caddied at the Country Club.  


    Go Blackhawks!

  9. Joseph.Nikolai

    This is a great discussion. From my 5 years of working at Titleist Performance Institute, here's what I have learned about hydration from TPI Advisory Board Members Robert Yang, John Berardi and Dr. Harry Sese.

    A typical day's water consumption should be half your body weight in ounces of water.  Additionally, 25% of this amount should be consumed upon waking up, right out of bed. So, if you weigh 200 lbs, 100 ounces of water in a day is your goal, and 25 ounces right out of bed is optimal. 25 ounces is a lot to drink first thing in the morning. If you commit to this intake of water first thing in the morning, you may notice you will feel awake upon consuming the water (possibly eliminating the need for caffeine, which can cause dehydration during the day!). The reason for the early morning gulping is you have just spent 8 hours dehydrating your body when sleeping. All the discs in your back and the joints around your body need water. If you take the course first thing in the morning without proper hydration, you could be asking for pain.

    If it's so hot and humid that you feel you need even more water on the course over a 5-hour round, here's my advice:

    Once on the golf course, avoid sugary drinks if possible and continue to drink cold water. Try replacing the sugary drink with a banana for energy. Drinking several sugary drinks in a round is just too much sugar. Throw a 16 oz bpa-free canteen in your golf bag and fill it with icy cold water before each round. Drink a swig before a tee shot, before your second shot and before you walk on the green each hole. Refill the canteen often and keep swigging away. Wipe away sweat with a towel to keep your clothes as dry as possible, as being soaking wet with sweat will only make you warmer.

    Hope these ideas help. The best option is always to birdie every hole, then the round is quick!


  10. memphisunited


    That's great advice.  I always try to drink plenty of water when I wake up in the morning.  However, I still like my cup of coffee too :)

    I read somewhere that drinking plenty of water prior to going to bed at night and immediately upon waking up is good for your body (internal organs, etc.). 


  11. AJAR

    Hey Joe,

    This is great information thank you very much. Can you recommend a breakfast meal and appropriate supplements (if any) for a better chance of making birdies?

  12. Geoffrey B

    get some frogg toggs

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