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Hitting a spinner

Nunzio D

Hi TT,

I need to know how to hit a wedge shot that hits the green and zips back. I play on very firm and fast greens in tournaments, and wedges are tough for me when they're less than a full swing. Most of my full swing wedge shots stop on one bounce. Most of my less than full swing wedge shots are stop on the second or third bounce with a bit of release. Hitting down on the ball middle to back in my stance is detrimental to spin for me. I know the basics for spin, but I need more than the basics. Thanks

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  1. Carl T

    Open up your wedge and keep the face of the wedge looking at the sky after impact and follow through. Keep the head of the wedge to the right of your hands. If your hands turn over and the wedge ends up left of your hands the ball will run out.

  2. Nunzio D

    Thanks a lot for the advice, should i stop my wrists from rolling through after impact and hold it open too?

  3. Carl T

    On your follow through you want to keep your right palm up, knuckels down (this will keep the club face open looking at the sky). The club shaft and your right arm will be in a straight line at your finish and will be around waist high with your right arm and shaft pointing to the right of your target. Short answer to your question, yes. If your wrist roll the toe of the club will be pointing at or left of the target and the ball will just roll out instead of stopping with the back spin from your open wedge at address. Remember at address to open up the club face, then regrip the club and then move your feet to the left until the groves on your open club face or in line with your target. This is very similar to a bunker shot except you are going to finish low (around waist high) instead of high like in a bunker shot. Hope this makes sense.

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