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Aiming with Irons


I need help with my aim into greens with my irons.

I currently hit 704 CB. I hit the irons well. However, i am very inconsistent with the Aim or placement of my ball. I have used pretty much every trick in the bag from lining my feet up with my target, lining my belly button up with the target with the follow through, to look down my left shoulder. And, i am off-target more consistently than on target. Out of 10 balls from say 155yds. Aiming at the flag. 1 will be within 5-8 feet, 2 will be on the green with a very lengthy putt, 3 will miss the green completely to the left and 4 will miss the green to the right. Distances are all good. The aim is where i need your help!

Please any advice will be greatly appreciated.



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  1. Skylar T

    To become more consistent with your aim make sure to put down an alignment stick or club of some sort on the ground when you practice.  After working with this a little bit your body will become more consistent with where you aim.  If you are still having trouble hitting the green then at least you know it is something in your swing and not your aim.

  2. Christian M

    I use to have the same problem, but one thing I found especially helpful is a good pre-shot routine. My coach would always hammer the usage an alignment stick (or club) on the ground every time I go to the range. But I've found that when my alignment goes south on the course, go to the range, do your pre-shot routine with an alignment aid and make sure everything repeats and check your feet while at address. A funny thing I've noticed about myself is that the more time I obsess over my alignment during address, the more I screw myself up. I've found when I instinctively go up to the ball a make a quick little alignment check, I'm generally on target.

  3. John L

    ok sounds like your ball placement might be alittle far back if your blocking right. other than that i think maybe its a mental thing. my sugestions would be take your practice swing or two. stand 5-10 feet behaind the ball point your club at the flag to where the shat covers the ball in your line of sight. find a spot in the grass thats a diffent color or a pitch mark or leave or just somethig that catches the eye that in that line. walk up place your club face on that line. take your stance parrallel to the face ball  aiming point line. take your grip take a breath and swing. dont over think it just have faith that your right.

    might work might not.


    cheers greens and fairways


  4. Quintin H

    First, don't set your expectations too high.

    Number 1 on the PGA in proximity to the hole is Steve Stricker with 31.5 ft., of course this is on avg longer than 150y. His proximity to the hole from 125-150y is 20ft. So expecting yourself to be under 20ft is going to produce a lot of disappointment.

    I have an eye problem, I can't line up parallel lines, makes setup kinda hard. Glasses help, but I learned I can see down a line.

    The big tip is pick a spot in front of the ball and set up parallel with the line from the ball to that spot, I can't do that.

    So I pick a spot on the back of the ball that I want the club to hit, then when I approach the ball I keep my eyes on that spot and set the club down behind the ball to hit that spot,,,,,,,the face is aligned correctly

    This you may not be able to do, I use the line of my bifocals to line my head up with the ball and clubface, then work my way down, shoulders, hips, feet.

    So if using a spot in front of the ball and lining up parallel doesn't work for you, try picking a spot on the ball and lining the face up to hit that spot.

    If the problem isn't alignment then you'll have to figure a way to get the club back to square, and or make solid contact.

  5. Lou G

    I sort of line up like Quint is describing.  My ball position is pretty much set (line it up with shirt pocket with head behind the ball).  Minimize the lower body on the backswing and get a good turn.  Start the downswing with the hip bump and all that good stuff.

    Push-slices or blocked shots are caused by standing too close to the ball (at least for me anyway).  I make sure I stand far enough away from the ball but not so far that I am reaching it to hit it.

    My other bad habit that pops up occasionally is swinging leftward on the follow thru (pulled shots or fades). Generally I am dead straight with everything.  My Achilles heel before was blocking shots off the tee and I found that I was standing too close to the ball.

  6. DPavs

    I know this has been said on similar topics so many times but imho it's still the best advice. Spend under 50 bucks and take a lesson with a PGA pro in your area. It will the best 50 bucks you ever spent. There are simply too many variable for anyone to really give you and good advice without seeing your swing. Have them video your swing so later you can see it yourself, that really helps too!

  7. Hofnasty

    Thank you. Very helpful tip, might help in establishing a routine for myself.

  8. Hofnasty

    Thank you for the tip, i will certainty give it a try. And my goals are not to be 80% or anything crazy. But i would like to improve on my current 35% GIR. I think it is very attainable considering i am consistently just missing the green due to aim. Thanks again!

  9. Quintin H

    6 GIR isn't bad, in fact that is pretty good.

    From the looks of your stats, it appears hitting fairways(avg 5) would probably increase you GIR to spectacular.

  10. Lou G

    Even on the PGA tour, most are in the vicinity of about 75% GIR. 

    Always check your setup first (such as weight being balanced on the feet, ball position).

    IRT ball position - your grip is going to feel funny and you'll be fighting it during your swing if ball position isn't correct in relation to your torso. For instance, if the ball is too far back, you'll be fighting a strong grip.

     Don Trahan (the "Swing Surgeon", the dad of DJ Trahan) has a technique called "in da mitt and tru da tree" (basically you take it back along the target line and follow thru on the target line - or foot path if attempting to draw or fade).

    Watch some of Paul Wilson's videos at Revolution Golf. 

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